And design can make the difference: with an elegant and at the same time discreet palette, which sets the trend without necessarily having to chase fashions, with a strong reference to Italian craftsmanship

We are talking about the new Color Collection by Kerakoll, a historic brand for sustainable construction, architecture and design that has just come out with a collection of colors and surfaces for interior decoration. A collection that includes a complete range of environmentally friendly decorative paints and resins for floors and walls, coordinated in a palette of one hundred and fifty contemporary colors and fifteen sophisticated material textures.

The starting point of the company was to think about the needs of the contemporary house intended both as a new construction and as a renovation project, a road - the latter - very beaten following the various lockdowns that have prompted many to rethink their home, and incentivized by the superbonus. Starting from the ten colors of the Warm Collection, the new collection expands up to one hundred and fifty shades, inspired by classic Italian design, where a strong component of neutrals stands out which, gradually, is completed with progressively more lively tones up to a group of more colors. vibrant and decisive. All colors are formulated with high quality pigments combined with oils and natural active ingredients and characterized by a unique color depth and decorative impact. The collection is designed to mix tones and textures and create elegant contemporary interior concepts, with an eye to sustainability (we are talking about highly breathable, natural and ecological paints. Entirely water-based and odorless, which do not contain VOC, formaldehyde, alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO), coalescents, plasticizers and heavy metals).

A guided tour

The collection is designed to be able to guide comfortably towards the most suitable color option, helping to overcome the typical impasses of a choice open to a very wide range of colors. Thus, the one hundred and fifty shades were divided into fifteen color families that make up the vertical columns (Neutral Gray, Cold Gray, Navy Blue, Petrol Blue, Natural Green, Olive Green, Warm Gray, Greige, Modern Yellow, Dusty Yellow, Desert Peach, Neutral Pink, Rose Pink, Soft Lavender, and Violet). Horizontally, on the other hand, the palette is structured according to three shades of intensity: light, medium and dark, to intuitively favor the creation of harmonic palettes.


The new Kerakoll textures are an integral part of the Color Collection. From the seemingly spontaneous incisions reminiscent of hand-troweled concrete to the wood structure for parquet, the look and material sensations of the surfaces can completely transform a space. Ideal for walls and floors of outdoor and indoor spaces, each surface treatment is versatile, resistant and ecological. The range includes Absolute Paint, Decor Paint, Wallcrete, Wallpaper, Patina, Stripe Living, Microresina, Microresina Floor, Microresina Parquet, Legno + Color, Cementoresina, Outdoor Paint and Outdoor Plaster. Each of the surfaces, inspired by the artisan tradition, is formulated to complement the one hundred and fifty colors of the new Color Chart.

And each surface is associated with a specific indication: Decor Paint, for example, is a decorative water-based resin-paint with a sanitizable matte finish with high chromatic intensity, ideal for decorating walls to be washed frequently such as kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms. for children or corridors and stairs;Microresina water-based with a matt lacquered finish is designed for the re-design of all furnishing elements, floors and walls in ceramic and parquet; Invisibile is the skirting board in painted wood, natural oak or to be colored, designed to be coordinated with the color of the wall. And so on up to Outdoor Paint, the decorative water-based paint for exteriors with a natural finish with high chromatic resistance, for maximum protection of the building from atmospheric agents.