Itlas and its wooden surfaces: a story of respect for the nature and of passionate knowledge of the raw material

Itlas has been producing pre-finished wooden floors for just over thirty years, but its history begins much earlier and has its roots in a passion for raw materials and in the profound relationship between territory and production tradition. A tradition that today offers a perfect basis for giving life to sustainability paths that testify to a solid strategy for protecting the earth and its resources. The Foresta del Cansiglio, a few kilometers from the company, prompted the company to choose to work the raw material starting from the trunk, to follow its life cycle from start to finish, to choose the most suitable trees and deal directly with safeguarding the integrity of the forest. From the cutting to the finished floor, passing through the seasoning of the wood, the cutting in the sawmill and the painting, every stage of production is carried out within the Itlas spaces. A guarantee of a product not only of high quality, but also of an ethical and controlled production chain.

Over the years Itlas has specialized in the production of pre-finished two or three-layer floors. Products with different thicknesses that meet different needs depending on the spaces in which they are installed. The Tavole del Piave and Assi del Cansiglio collection differ only in the essence that characterizes the noble layer Oak in the first case and Beech in the second, it is a large pre-finished three-layer plank, for floors, false ceilings and coverings, worked in handcrafted and treated with ecological water-based paints and glues. In the Assi del Cansiglio the visible layer is in noble Italian beech wood from the Cansiglio Forest, certified by Pefc. The second is a support layer in birch plywood and the last layer is the orthogonal counterplate in solid fir. It is A + certified for energy saving thanks to the insulating qualities of the material and the whole collection is finished with water-based paints and assembled with vinyl glues. The entire production process participates in the definition of a product that guarantees stability and durability, even in the presence of panel heating.

Legni del Doge is the two-layer parquet collection. The surface of noble solid wood essence is supported by birch plywood with male-female calibrated joints on the four highs. As for the Assi del Cansiglio and Tavole del Piave collections, it is possible to choose between different formats, essences and finishes. The Itlas range also includes the I Grandi Classici collections, which re-proposes historic ornamental parquet floors that celebrate artisan inlay, and Treeform, a floor that recalls the natural shapes of wood.

Passion and rigor obviously lead to excellence. In fact, Itlas has started many collaborations with international professionals in recent years. Studio Fuksas, Marco Casamonti and Mario Botta, among others, have relied on the Treviso brand to create tailor-made projects for any living space, from coverings to bathroom furniture. And finally, there is also experimentation on the reuse of raw materials, in search of solutions suitable for the emergencies of climate change. The Ecos project deals with this part of production innovation for the revaluation of production waste derived from other industrial processes. Thus was born Online, a floor from the Legni del Doge collection that mimics the appearance of the single plank and, at the same time, contains the use of raw materials.