Skill programme is the brand's new bathroom proposal

The unprecedented declination of the Skill programme by Modulnova (designers Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello) defines a harmonious and welcoming wellness space, designed by rigorous and proportioned volumes. The extreme formal cleanliness is enhanced by the choice of natural and precious materials, combined to give the composition a magnetic balance.

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Enhancing horizontal development

The materiality of City Stone Brown porcelain stoneware, evoking that of natural stone, was chosen for the top and integrated washbasin, also taken up in the boiserie and shower floor, enhancing the horizontal development of Modulnova's Skill composition.

Transparencies and reflections

Transparency also plays a central role in the Modulnova programme: that of the extra-clear glass used for the imposing shower cubicle, and that of the large backlit mirror. The Wall mirror adds dynamism to the room by creating an interesting play of chiaroscuro in combination with the boiserie, amplifying the spaces, replicating them in its reflection, but also thanks to its dual nature as a sliding storage element for small objects.

Top organisation

What makes the Skill by Modulnova programme perform is the inclusion of the new Board element, designed to allow organisation of accessories. It is a modular system made up of advanced stoneware panels which, in the upper part, conceal a storage space made up of black aluminium object holders, which can also be electrified and which can be closed if necessary.

Discreet and versatile

Board is a discreet and versatile presence, which can also find space inside the shower cubicle, thus ensuring a tidy bathroom environment in every respect. This attention is also found inside the drawers, whose spaces are designed to ensure perfect organisation.

Attention to detail

The composition is completed by a series of elements that contribute to defining the Modulnova style, such as the 6 mm thickness of the stoneware top and sides, which lends lightness and formal cleanliness to the surfaces, or the integrated sink that disappears into the top in order to maintain the minimalism of the composition, completed by a customised satin-finish stainless steel tapware.