The company inaugurated its showroom in via De Amicis, Milan. An important milestone for a historic brand, which has been on the market for over 50 years with products of excellence dedicated to sleep

Those who sleep, especially those who sleep well, are healthy. Sleeping well helps the mind and body to be more active, alert and efficient, and improves creativity and memory. About one third of our existence is spent sleeping, and the quality of sleep has an all-round effect on our daily well-being. Along with diet and exercise, rest is considered one of the pillars of a healthy life. With this in mind, tools (beds, mattresses, pillows, bedsteads, relaxation accessories) and companies, such as Magniflex, that interpret rest as well-being and a better quality of life are equally important. Founded in Prato in the 1960s in Giuliano Magni's small workshop, from the outset it has been able to mix traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. Quality, innovation and respect for the environment are the brand's guiding values, in a path that for over half a century has offered new solutions at the service of comfort.

The new flagship store

The Tuscan company has inaugurated its new Milan flagship store in via Edmondo De Amicis 49 (which comes after those in Tokyo, Moscow, Beijin, Melbourne and Dubai, to name but a few). An exhibition space that celebrates a historic brand in the creation of superior quality sleep products, present in 99 countries around the world. "The choice of Milan to open the new showroom was a natural one, considering the cosmopolitan air and the strategic economic importance of the city, a true engine of the Italian economy. In this sense, Milan expresses Magniflex's evolution over time and its values, rooted in Italy but with a worldwide vision," explains Marco Magni, co-owner of Magniflex.

An essential and welcoming space

The new Milan showroom has been conceived as an essential but welcoming space, a setting for exploring the Magniflex world thanks to a wide selection from a catalogue that includes 170 products including mattresses, pillows, beds, bedsteads, toppers and relaxation accessories of certified 100% made in Italy quality, as well as a collection dedicated to the pet world.

Patented technology

Among the products dedicated to rest, models with patented technology stand out: MagniStretch, a world exclusive that stretches the body and relaxes the back during sleep; DualCore, a rest solution that reconciles different sleeping needs by giving four different combinations of comfort in a single model; MagniCool, a mattress collection that gives a feeling of freshness to cool the mind and body; Magnifico, a top of the range mattress that combines the best technologies with refined and precious materials such as wool, silk, linen and cashmere.

Innovative accessories

Each collection can be combined with different pillow models, designed in shapes and materials to guarantee different comfort requirements. There is also a wide range of accessories such as innovative bed models, bed bases, toppers for extra-comfortable rest, exclusive mattress covers, sheet sets, duvets and relaxation accessories.