Between memory and future visions, the Group embarks on a new adventure in one of the most elegant areas of Milan, at Via della Spiga 31

"Giorgetti Spiga is The Place, Giorgetti's new home where the brand, in line with the strategic development undertaken some time ago, expresses itself at the highest level in all facets of design made to measure for its customers: from the tailoring detail of the product to the care of the interiors. The Place is also a space in which to experience and research design in the broadest sense of the term, through interference with art, music, food and, more generally, everything that contributes to spreading an experience linked to beauty: this is the most beautiful gift we could give ourselves to celebrate our one hundred and twenty-fifth birthday," says Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of the Group.

Store and atelier

The building is 17th-century architecture with a classic 19th-century façade. It is designed to address professionals, customers and enthusiasts and conceived as a meeting point between the two distribution concepts on which the brand's worldwide distribution is based: that of store and atelier. A space on four levels, in addition to the attic for the offices and the basement with the technical rooms, to welcome visitors by opening up to the city with windows on Via della Spiga and, at the same time, to offer a privileged and intimate view of the world of Giorgetti.

Total project

Giorgetti Spiga - The Place is the result of a total project taken care of in every detail by Giorgetti's art director Giancarlo Bosio: from the small to the large scale, nothing is left to chance. From the marble workmanship that covers the stairs, to the boiseries, to the floors that combine stone, marble and a custom-designed parquet, a tribute to the brand's cabinet-making tradition and priceless heritage.

A stage on the city

"A stage on the city, with its shop windows and recognisability, but also a quiet and reserved place, like a home. A fundamental mixture in our world today,' explains Bosio. A project that shows the Group's ability to go beyond the design of the single object to extend itself to the environment, thinking and designing space. A place where the company marks the culture of design, through the various living areas and surrounds itself with beauty and art, with works by Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery and Brun Fine Art&Antiques Gallery.

Winning format

The ability to create innovative solutions, which has always characterised Giorgetti's design approach, also extends to the organisational form chosen for the management of this location, managed directly by the Giorgetti team, which avails itself of the support and retail experience of its partner Interni: a management format that aims to guarantee a shopping experience capable of putting the customer at the centre, through a service that enhances the characteristics of tailoring, refinement, uniqueness and passion for detail.

Photos © Giorgetti, by Simona Pesarini & Gianluca Bellomo