The company presents the Bordone collection designed by angelettiruzza design studio: multifunctionality, flexibility and hybridisation

The new project recounts a journey that has focused on the evolution of modern living, analysing changes and different habits in the domestic sphere. The MyHome Collection home tells stories of lived atmospheres, emotions to be shared, moments of inner reflection of every moment of daily life.

Aesthetics, function and needs

The Bordone collection is full of meanings that go beyond aesthetics and functionality to respond to certain human needs: needs and natural necessities that have become more accentuated in this historical moment and that MyHome Collection has explored with a furnishing proposal. Simplicity and originality are two of the key words defining a project that focuses on an important concept: the Italian home is an expression of the desire and quest to experience beauty at all times and in every detail.

Watchword: change

Describing the collection, from the initial project to its realisation, is the angelettiruzza design studio, which takes care of the art direction for the company: 'We have all experienced, at the same time all over the world, a total freeze. We were offered a chance to get back into the game, a chance to change. We first of all, as people and then as designers working inspired by life, gained new awareness that inevitably flowed into the new projects."

A revolutionary sofa

Bordone was born from a deep desire to express oneself, to tell the new, to make a difference to what already exists without breaking with the past. "A sofa that is revolutionary in its own way. Simple, comfortable and original in its ability to combine the minimal with the extraordinary. Bordone is a product that seems to have always existed because its intention is immediately stated and translated into a natural movement that lightens bringing well-being. The desire for intimacy or sharing is solved instantly, while having fun."

The concept of movement

"Movement was the leitmotif of the project. We wanted an object that was perceived as alive, on the move, as opposed to static. Adaptable to the changing needs of the day." The very name Bordone is inspired by this concept of movement "in which the dynamic is that of a natural pulsing and not of unnatural modern jerks. Literally, the term means chord or sound or musical construction without variations, in which repetition cancels and dilates time, calms impulses, ignites enthusiasms."

An oasis of suspension

"Today more than ever, our lives are flexible, characterised by the mix of roles and functions. We strongly feel, as designers and as art directors, the need to explore, through design, new openings, to ask ourselves questions to which we attempt to give an answer with humility and a healthy desire for naivety and a desire to experience astonishment and search for beauty, avoiding to lock ourselves in the habits in which we feel most comfortable. When we sit on a sofa, we seek an oasis of suspension from the fixed gear our minds impose on us. It is a time to disconnect, to lighten up and relax in simplicity, trying to reconnect with our inner feeling that leads to harmony and silence," the designers conclude.