The Umbrian brand's latest innovation explores the potential of the circular economy applied to wood

Wood changes shape and nature without ever losing its soul, revealing itself through two different types of flooring that promote a vision between environmental awareness and cutting-edge technolog Circular, Listone Giordano's new project, was born with the twofold objective of applying the concept of circular economy to wooden surfaces and combining sustainability, business and design with new technologies. And it does so with two products that interpret the two souls of circularity: the more industrial one, with the Graphit floor (in collaboration with Alisea), and the one inspired by nature in the Terre di Vigna collection (in synergy with Passoni Design).

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Innovation, identity, technology, culture, sustainability

"For Listone Giordano the word innovation has a wide meaning," recalls Andrea Margaritelli, brand manager of Listone Giordano. "And this is connected with the identity heritage of the brand, which is not configured as a simple graphic logotype entitled only to notoriety, but as a real witness entrusted with the task of representing the main values of a company: some material immediately visible, others intangible, but no less concrete and decisive in the success of the company. Listone Giordano places at the centre of its identity knowledge and technology of wood, aesthetic research, but, no less, respect for nature and authentic interpretation of the best values of Italian culture, artistic sensitivity and lifestyle."

New life for graphite

The genesis of Graphit stems from a question: how to give new life to tons of graphite coming from the processing of industrial plants while saving time, space and annual disposal costs? Graphit is the parquet by Listone Giordano that contributes to the circular economy model through the gradual decoupling of economic activity from the consumption of finite sources. Alisea - Recycled & Reused Objects Design, which has been exclusively designing products derived from recovered graphite since 1994, is a partner in the project. All materials used for the production of the objects are treated with innovative transformation processes, which guarantee quality standards identical to virgin materials.

Graphit: change of skin for two iconic collections

Two iconic collections by Listone Giordano, Slide (design Daniele Lago) and Atelier Desir, in the Graphit version change skin with a new essence for high level special editions. "The spark for this project, shared between Alisea and Listone Giordano, came from a material with unique chemical-physical characteristics: graphite," explains Susanna Martucci, founder of Alisea. "Not just any graphite, but graphite from the recovery of waste from the industrial processing of electrodes that we have been studying and applying, for over 10 years, in environmental projects linked to design and innovation exclusively made in Italy. The result is the fruit of the search for authentic sustainability, new forms of circular economy, innovation, respect."

Nature and furniture in symbiosis

Terre di Vigna is the wooden flooring by Listone Giordano and Passoni Design in which the art of wine-making and design come together in a project with an ancient flavour and modern sensibility. Wine is transformed into a catalyst for dynamic design capable of enhancing the link between nature and wood: Passoni has developed a unique patented process for colouring wood by exploiting the intrinsic properties of wine and marc. Thanks to their acidity, in combination with iron oxides, these substances interact with the wood, triggering a self-colouring chemical reaction.

Passion for nature

"The collaboration with Listone Giordano confirms the value of an ongoing research and development project," says Tommaso Passoni, fourth generation of the family brand. "With this project, we wanted to promote a sustainable approach in the production of quality home and contract furnishings. And it is precisely in a common context of culture of and for wood that the research and use of natural wine stains on Listone Giordano products is developed. The application of these stains requires great knowledge of raw materials and their properties, and it is a shared and real love for nature and sustainability that has allowed the birth of a unique product and project, capable of representing the best values of Made in Italy".

Terre di Vigna: successful experimentation

The first experiment was Medoc (designed by Michele De Lucchi), a wooden floor that embodies the soul of the Natural Genius collection, an encounter between naturalness and the contemporary expression of the culture of matter. The Mirantico finish pervades the Atelier Désir collection (a name inspired by Giorgio De Chirico's masterpiece "The Seer"): in the Mirantico Filo di lama version the material acquires a sharp, contemporary character, for an aesthetic that allows all the authenticity of wood to be appreciated.