Doga Relax and Doga Table, designed by Raffaello Galiotto: elegant, comfortable, functional

Making production processes increasingly sustainable is at the heart of Nardi's business strategy, which for several years now has included the Regeneration program for the production of outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic. In addition, from January 2023, all plants will use only electricity from certified renewable sources, thanks to an agreement that ensures a 100 percent green supply of energy produced by the Marlengo hydroelectric power plant in the Merano area of South Tyrol.

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Comfortable, functional, colorful

Part of the Doga by Nardi collection, designed by Raffaello Galiotto, Doga Relax and Doga Table are characterized by comfortable shapes and extreme functionality, new colors: from the color scale of mint, pear, and agave to neutrals white and cappuccino, marsala, and anthracite.

For residential and contract

The open-air lounge made in Nardi, consisting of the Doga Relax lounge chair and Doga Table coffee table, furnishes small and large spaces by creating dehors in the home terrace or garden or in dedicated areas of bars, restaurants and hotels.

Fully recyclable

Inspired by the slat theme and made of long-life, fully recyclable fiberglass resin, the Nardi lounge fulfills typical contract needs that require lightness, manageability, stackability and ease of cleaning/hygiene.

A broad collection

Doga Relax and Doga Table are part of Nardi's broader Doga collection, which includes the Doga chair (with arms), Doga Bistro seat (without arms) and Doga Stool. All seats can be accessorized with cushions in four colors and outdoor fabrics.