The modular systems of the Swiss company offer new alternatives for indoor greenery. Which becomes more rational and functional

Rationality, a preference for an aesthetic that plays with graphic construction, modularity. USM Haller has been moving in the paradigm of the best Swiss design for almost fifty years, with an unusual ability to be true to itself without stopping research. So much so that it has been involved in almost all areas of living, from residential to professional. To seize today the opportunity to use a hybrid DNA at 360 °, which happily integrates into any space and, for this very reason, is all the more precious.

If it is now clear that homeworking is here to stay, it is equally clear that we urgently need a new idea of ​​home. USM works in a fortunate design context: modularity and compositional simplicity allow a high degree of flexibility and customization. And the innovative thrust opens up to a useful and intelligent typological research, capable of creatively exploring the functional possibilities of USM systems.

The brand's latest design adventure concerns the presence of indoor greenery. The relationship with nature is certainly one of the ingredients for a balanced and peaceful life. And it is no coincidence that design has already dealt extensively with objects that are used to house plants and flowers in homes, given that on average we spend between 80% and 90% of our time indoors. USM has taken a step further by integrating in its catalog of containers, shelving and dividers the accessories useful for transforming potted plants into a functional component of the project.

The new modules have been designed for the home, office, indoor public spaces and, of course, for the infinite hybridizations we are getting used to. One of the most urgent needs is to divide the rooms into functional islands. The new USM system allows you to do this by organizing green walls of different heights and depths. The plus is that the new components do not neglect the well-being of the plants, but put a harmonious and functional integration of small natural spaces at the center of the project.

The usual modularity allows you to build structures made of containers, shelves, compartments intended to house the pots and watering sets. The new components can be added to existing configurations or to create from scratch islands of green that rationalize the space, creating more pleasant and soothing environments.

The new panels are offered in the 14 USM colors and in five different sizes, for decorative layouts or to build three-dimensional graphic patterns. The vases, on the other hand, offered for simplicity in a single size, are available in basalt and terracotta colors.