The modular system of the Swiss company is equipped with a series of accessories for plants adaptable to retail stores. Combined with advanced lighting solutions

Furnishing a store correctly means not only finding aesthetic solutions but providing it with comfort, functionality and balance. The goal is to be able to communicate a powerful, never excessive message. A beautiful space to look at but also functional, quality materials to last and resist wear, display choices that enhance the products without creating obstacles to customers.

From this point of view, the USM modular furniture system is suitable for retail stores, as it is made up of three main elements that joined together offer a variety of configurations that can be adapted to any space. Each piece of furniture can be broken down and reassembled at any time, to give space to creative and organizational freedom according to your needs. According to this philosophy, even a module purchased years earlier can be revisited with the addition of new accessories.

USM systems undergo continuous development and are adapted to personal needs that can change over time. Product innovations are developed following the principle of backward compatibility, always ensuring the integration of recent parts with elements of the existing structure.

The company has now introduced a new range of accessories for greenery and plants. With an easy-to-integrate design, green landscapes can be created quickly. Adding greenery to an environment improves the well-being of those who live there, helping to reduce stress and increase productivity. Shaped panels (available in 5 sizes and 14 USM colors) are included to accommodate pots (available in one size and in Terracotta and Basalt colors) and special watering sets.

In combination with the USM Haller E advanced lighting solution, the system can be used in an even wider range of spaces: using targeted or soft lighting, a warm and intimate atmosphere can be created.