From the Shade Collection to buoyancy therapy: wellness conquers living

You don't have to leave the house to enjoy wellness at the height of a state-of-the-art spa. This is demonstrated by the Starpool collections, which brings its comfortable and technological environments also into private homes. The lasting wellness of a professional Spa and the quality of sleep are the focus of the configurations in which the company from Fiemme brings all its know-how, made up of scientific research.


Shade Collection, the Spa at home

Shade Collection, created by designer Cristiano Mino, fits into every room of the house, interacting with the surrounding space in an alternation of glass walls and screen panels in wood slats with a contemporary flavour, recreating a feeling of great intimacy inside, while remaining in visual communication with the outside.

Shade Sauna, aesthetics and functionality

The collection comprises Shade Sauna, Shade Steam Room and Shade Shower. Shade Sauna is a combination of aesthetics and functionality, where the materials used are in continuity with all the products in the collection, to best complement each other. The back wall worked like a boiserie in Thermowood Oak, Rosewood or Natural Oak and the seats composed of essential monolithic volumes with a material surface are supported by special sloping legs. Sharing the same cylindrical shape are the product's heating source and the lighting body that discreetly projects a warm white light beam from the corner of the ceiling.

Shade Steam Room, a steam bath

Shade Steam Room is a steam bath and is proposed with monolithic volumes for the benches, made of a black metal structure and covered like the back wall in ceramic material in light or dark stone colours, for a unique and original aesthetic. Evocative of suggestive oriental atmospheres reminiscent of ancient hammams is also the shelf on which a fountain with bowl for ablutions is placed. Essential oils can be used as an integral part of wellness rituals, in combination with Brain Training programmes: Mindfulness, guided breathing techniques and relaxing music. Lighting is provided by a black cylindrical element positioned on the ceiling, from which a warm white light beam is projected.

Shade Shower, the regenerative power of water

The Shade Shower encapsulates the regenerative power of water, which is essential after heat, in a design that is not only functional but also aesthetic continuity. Thanks to the matt black aluminium perimeter profile system, numerous integrated sauna and steam bath combinations are possible.

Zerobody Dry Float Personal, the floating therapy

Designed for sleep treatment, Zerobody Dry Float Personal extends the uses and benefits of dry float therapy from the medical, business and sports spheres to the home world, to regain psycho-physical well-being, thanks to the practice of floating, recognised as one of the most effective antidotes to stress. Relaxation is achieved through a unique and patented system of floating in the absence of gravity, lying on 400 litres of water at basal temperature without the need to undress or get wet.

A special sensory experience

Welcomed by warmth, diffuse colour light, a gentle lumbar massage and freed from all external stimuli, the body relaxes and regenerates in a special sensory experience. Thanks to a reduced perception of weight and the dry environment that does not alter the vestibular system, the brain recognises the opportunity to relax and reduce the activation of the neuromotor system, thus triggering a virtuous mechanism of both physical and mental regeneration. Dry float therapy activates the circulation and stimulates the cardiovascular system through activation of the parasympathetic system.

Mindfulness, breathing techniques and music tracks

The software for using Zerobody Dry Float Personal includes Brain Training programmes which, combined with the regenerating power of dry float therapy, promote cognitive enhancement and psychophysical balance and help maintain it over time. Zerobody Dry Float Personal includes: five audio-guided Mindfulness programmes developed with neuroscientist Nicola De Pisapia, five guided breathing techniques developed with world apnoea record holder Andrea Zuccari, and five relaxing music tracks.