An almost invisible wooden window frame, ideal for large windows of contemporary architecture. Out of the ordinary performance for safety and functionality

A thin, almost invisible profile that reduces the thickness to just 50 millimeters. Imago+ by AGB is a revolutionary wooden window frame, which aims at a minimal aesthetic, in which light is the protagonist with a 5% increase in the glazed surface. The frame disappears, only the door crosspieces remain to emphasize the transition between inside and outside. The perception of the border is reduced to a minimum, the view sweeps towards the landscape and the perspective gains in width and brightness. The freedom of design extends towards new solutions, with a different fluidity of the boundaries between home and environment. Even in a refurbishment project only, the installation is thought out in detail to take advantage of the minimum thickness of the frame.

Towards invisibility

Thinner profile does not mean less resistance. Imago +, among the wooden windows, is among those with the best performance: it has a capacity of 400 kilos which allows the use of wide doors. An aesthetic that aims at invisibility is made up of details: there are no visible protrusions and the guide of the mobile door is recessed in the upper crosspiece of the frame.

Precious details

Other technical details that make up an out of the ordinary product: the limit switch is integrated into the crosspiece and the Auto Brake system for safety braking slows down and stops the movement of the door simultaneously both in opening and closing. Safety in use, even on large dimensions, is ensured and also increases the simplicity of handling. During normal manual use, however, Auto Brake does not prevent the fluidity of the sliding in order to allow comfortable use.

Safe performance

Imago+ is a system based on lift and slide, which is a mechanism that raises the door during movement and makes it slide parallel to the fixed part. Great practicality and space saving are sometimes not enough to convince end users about the level of safety performance. AGB has chosen as a strategy an intense work on the product and at the same time on the certifications. The Imago+ lock has been certified in RC2 class and is characterized by two original solutions that prevent unhinging due to lifting and guarantee automatic locking in the closed position.