In the new Milan flagship store of InCeramica and Lovelight+39, surfaces are showcased in a space designed to build relationships

InCeramica is a newly born brand, appearing for the first time in the Fuorisalone 2023 guides and doing so in grand style. Ceramic surfaces in the wake of Italian tradition, with an eye open to the new and the infinite possibilities of the material. Large marble or natural stone effect slabs and small hexagonal or square tiles and mosaics. And a feather in the cap: the Lovelight+39 collection, a revolution in the industry's panorama that for the first time envisages manual intervention on large ceramic and aluminium rough slabs of different types. Glass, enamel and precious metals create surfaces that are always different, unique, tailor-made.

The poetry of porcelain stoneware

For the Fuorisalone, the flagship store in Via San Damiano 4 in Milan is transformed into a space to be visited with curiosity to discover how porcelain stoneware can be a technological material and, at the same time, an abstract canvas that the human hand transforms with creativity and poetry. Mirroring sophisticated work rooted in history and art to create unique surfaces and a collection inspired by iconic and contemporary codes.

A space to live

The Milanese space InCeramica and Lovelight+39 was created with the precise intention of being a place to live, where one can find inspiration and immerse oneself in the rarefied atmospheres created by the abstract and unpredictable patterns of nature, as in a museum. Surfaces find a new form to inhabit spaces in a sustainable and durable way. Inaugurated in February, the flagship store has been transformed into a place with a high sensorial content, also thanks to a layout inspired by the natural context of marble, with the perennial flowers of the Mediterranean maquis.

A scenic setting

Design Week is an opportunity to take a tour of the scenic setting, and to see 'live' the Lovelight+39 collection, dedicated to expertise in the use of materials and decoration techniques. Surrounding the small manufacturing jewel of the Lovelight+39 collection are InCeramica's flagship and more classic collections of large slabs and tiles. The idea is to give visitors the opportunity to experience the staging of products that can create very different atmospheres, integrating into projects with fluidity or becoming a sign of the entire interior design.

Dialogue and communication

The two brands are born from a long experience within a production territory, that of Sassuolo, which gives solid roots to the company and relaunches its production capabilities thanks to technology and a high-end interpretation of the surface. The aim is also to offer a simple experience in the choice of product, accompanying professionals and end users in the knowledge of a catalogue capable of selecting trendy products and great classics. Every point of contact with visitors to the new Milanese space, whether digital or physical, is designed to be fluid and intuitive, with great attention to dialogue and effective, inspiring communication.