Qu is an emerging lighting brand. At Milan Design Week 2023 it staged an immersive installation

Infinitude. A circular lighting experience during FuoriSalone 2023: an ideal setting for a project that was born for the outdoors and has evolved into a family of indoor products. In the setting of the temporary showroom in Via Cernaia, the Parisotto + Formenton studio has found the ideal environment for a brand that aims to reawaken the most poetic qualities of light, in a continuum between interior and exterior that the presence of nature has made intuitive and sensorial. In the chaotic movement of Design Week 2023, Qu's installation was a place to find a contemplative dimension and give oneself time to fully understand the narrative surrounding the company.

A sensitive path of light design

Qu's mission is to accompany architects and interior designers in the construction of a sensitive and intelligent path of light design, in which light, in addition to being a form, is the tool for creating the scenic imprint of the environment. The possibility of customising the product and of declining it within a sartorial interior design is one of the brand's strong points and responds to the desire to create a partnership between client and company that is functional to the best results.

Sensory frame

The decision to present Qu in its multiple competences has been elaborated by the Parisotto + Formenton studio in a complete sensorial frame, in which light and sound are integrated in the sign of a circular path between interior and exterior.

Hi-tech sound design

In the garden, a light path guided visitors' steps through the shapes created by light on the ground, among the trees, to the interior spaces that culminated in a greenhouse, a further sign of continuity and permeability of the different environments marked by the ubiquitous presence of nature. A hi-tech sound design project interacted with the light and borrowed sounds from the cosmos in a hypnotic musical presence.

Aesthetic simplification

A point of light in the form of a small domestic eclipse that transforms light into a scenic element within the indoor and outdoor living space. Qu's Magritte was one of the protagonists of the Infinitude installation. A lighting project that between extreme aesthetic simplification and an essential use of the design sign lends itself to working with light within space, creating luminous points, patterns, paths.

A versatile collection

Magritte is a complete family of products: floor, suspension, table. Studio63, who designed the progetto, has been able to evolve the original idea in a versatile and coherent way to build a collection that touches every typological sphere.