The Flos In Vitro collection of outdoor lights is enriched with the unplugged version. A real contemporary lantern

We have found that we like to be outdoors. And we understood that "being outdoors" is a concept that can change its meaning and take on very different tones. There are days when you just open a window and let the sun in. And others where you need an immersion in the wilderness. But it is increasingly clear that the boundaries between the inside and outside of the house must be thinner and more flexible. The open air, whether it is a terrace or a remote forest, is an environment to be experienced in an equally intense and comfortable way than the living room at home. An alternative living area that brings the emotional balance back to the center and reconnects hyper-civilized human beings of the 21st century to their role as ancient inhabitants of a planet that is home to many forms of life.

Perhaps it is for this reason that a more spontaneous and intimate relationship with nature in outdoor design is played on the dematerialization and lightness of the furnishings and lights. The In Vitro series by Flos is a good example. About this project Philippe Starck explains that he wanted to free the light from its container. It is only a perceptive game, of course, but it is a visual trick that introduces the idea of ​​a more natural light, such as that of a candle or an oil lamp.

It is not an excursus of retro fantasies or of yesteryear atmospheres. When Philippe Starck explores he does it seriously, he seeks typological innovation and functional surprise. With the French designer one almost inevitably enters a paradigm in which the project serves to improve, of course, but above all to create surprise and curiosity. To shift the center of gravity of the habit. In front of In Vitro it is natural to be amazed and ask questions. Where does the light come from? It dances in the blown glass cylinder with no apparent source. This is how the designer redesigns the outdoor light, with an intelligent work on the symbolic reading of the object and a romantic use of LED with Edge Lighting optical technology.

“The light bulb has always been protected by a glass sphere” comments Starck. “Today, this disappears in favor of the light. It is at the same time the poetic and surreal idea of ​​dematerialized architectural light and the memory of the space occupied by light ". In Vitro is a diaphanous micro-architecture, without a visible outline. A contemporary lantern that Flos produces in all useful versions. Three different sizes for the Bollard, in addition to the suspension, ceiling and wall versions. Today the collection is completed by the portable rechargeable and portable In Vitro Unplugged lamp. At the apex of the lamp, the handle makes transport and positioning easy. The body is in powder-coated die-cast aluminum with a finish suitable for outdoor use. As in the other versions, the structure with three uprights that join the base and apex has the function of protecting the blown borosilicate glass dome.

In Vitro Unplugged is like the other lanterns in the collection available in six different colors. Black, white and anthracite, but also deep brown, terracotta, forest green and pale green. It has a dimmable driver with an optical touch sensor that allows you to adjust the light intensity in 4 steps. It is a functional and precious object that superimposes ancient gestures and all the possible technology so that it is functional and easy to use. As well as beautiful, of course.

Photo by Tommaso Sartori.