The brand brings to the stage until 28 September 'Bodies of Light', an exhibition on the relationship between light and matter, body and movement. And launches the International Art Prize dedicated to ceramics

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, the Iris Ceramica Group presented the exhibition 'Corpi di Luce', a concept that explored the relationships between different artistic, tactile, visual and perceptive expressions, recounting the noble and ductile nature of ceramics capable of interpreting people's desires and needs. The exhibition showcased the relationships between design, fashion, photography and cinema. Inspiration was provided by the Luce Collection, designed by stylist and designer Guillermo Mariotto, characterised by an unprecedented relationship between dynamic and static dimensions, between the optical and tactile relationship of matter. Visible at the Iris Ceramica Group flagship store in Via Santa Margherita 4 in Milan until 28 September, the exhibition opened during Design Week and will end with the Milan Fashion Week in September.

Three narrative levels

The installation includes three narrative levels to discover the expressive potential of surfaces, light and matter, photography and video-storytelling. A photographic project and a short film interpret the concept of light and movement. The spotlight is on the ceramic slab that occupies the centre of the stage, immobile but not static, capable of interacting with the movements of a performer and the dance of a fabric drape, through an engaging and silent dialogue.

Matter comes to life in photography

Inspired by Duchamp's work, from the "Nude descending the stairs" to the Dadaist ready-made, photographer Elodie Cavallaro's concept was born. An investigation through images of the element of light and its ability to describe spaces, places and forms through the design of volumes and their movement. A series of images in sequence, printed either on fabric or directly on a ceramic plate, welcomes the visitor and accompanies him through the space.

Light and Movement

A video-storytelling reveals the evocative identity of the project, through the voice and hand of Guillermo Mariotto. An emotional video, shot by Francesca Molteni and Claudia Adragna, narrates the dualism on which the concept of the photographic exhibition is based. Trait d'union with the photographic project are the stylistic choice of black and white, the body in movement and the silk fabrics that recall the texture of Luce ceramic plates. Contemporary dance is the style that best interprets the exhibition concept and performer Marta Morabito, guided by Sara Catellani's choreography, emphasises the idea of movement and lightness of the slab.

An award for artists and designers

On the long wave of art, promoted by the Iris Ceramica Group Foundation, comes the first edition of an award that celebrates ceramic material in a journey through art, culture, environment and society. The International Art Prize, dedicated to ceramic production, aims to give prominence to unprecedented projects and elaborations in ceramics. The prize supports the work of professionals in the sector and offers young creative talents the opportunity to establish themselves in the disciplines of art and design, promoting ideas, proposals and visions. This first edition recognises the contribution that contemporary art and design make to research, enhancing Italian and foreign talents, with a view to sustainable development. The award is divided into two sections: under and over 25. The under section, intended for students enrolled in the AFAM circuit, highlights the value of artistic training and underlines the focus on culture, research and experimentation. The over section is for artists and designers who choose ceramics to create a work or prototype.

The jury and the announcement

The final prize will be awarded by a jury nominated by the institutions promoting the competition and composed of six members: Federica Minozzi (Ceo Iris Ceramica Group), Pietro Cantore (gallery owner), Giovanna Cassese (art historian and president of ISIA Faenza), Tommaso Corvi Mora (gallery owner and ceramist), Antonia Iannone (gallery owner), Judith S. Schwartz (professor emeritus at New York University). The prize is awarded to projects that best develop the proposed theme according to the parameters of originality, sustainability and technical, aesthetic or conceptual innovation. The winning works and the best projects will be presented in the Flagship Store in Milan and in the Group's international Stores. Here are all the details of the call for entries.