Bottega d'Arte: the artisan soul of ceramics

Every thought that holds a story tells us about its origins and roots. With this in mind, Iris Ceramica returns to its origins through a journey of discovery of red body. Bottega d'Arte is a project for high-end wall tiles made of red body. The recovery of ancient know-how combined with the use of a strictly traditional natural material form the basis of the proposal.

The value of craftsmanship

With Bottega d'Arte, the value of craftsmanship is rediscovered: craft techniques are not fixed and codified, they evolve over time, passed on from master to pupil and adapt to technological evolution. With this approach, the company recovers the way red clay is worked, applying its industrial capacity to a craft dimension, which adds the value of 'handmade' to the material.

Style and elegance

Heritage in progress and innovation rooted in tradition. Bottega d'Arte's terracotta combines the value of the material with the talent of the workshop and conveys the bond with the territory, mixing traditional and contemporary aesthetics in a proposal of finishes and colours, trendsetters of style and elegance on a par with a maison of haute-couture.

Like a Renaissance workshop

The name Bottega d'Arte reveals its full meaning: on the one hand, it refers to William Morris' Art and Crafts movement that gave the minor arts the same dignity as the fine arts, and on the other, an intimate relationship with production, as in a Renaissance workshop: more than just a laboratory for experimentation, a space in which true timeless works come to life.