From the Romani Group brand comes a light, sustainable and functional alternative to the most traditional of Italian surfaces

The colours and textures of Italian lands are the inspiration behind Serenissima's new collection of porcelain stoneware surfaces. There is a desire to revive the rich nuances of traditional terracotta at the basis of the Gruppo Romani brand's project dedicated to interior design, commercial and outdoor. A surface with an enveloping and natural visual effect, declined in a contemporary key: sustainability of production cycles, easy maintenance and an important flexibility in applications and uses thanks to a colour chart that explores a wide range of colours.

Cold colours and warm colours

From the coldest, like Terra Salina, to the most contemporary, like Terra Arsa. Passing through the more classic terracotta shades, warm, tactile, comfortable. Two colours definitely inspired by traditional terracotta floors are interesting. Terra Bruciata has intense colours, with warm, red dominants, diluted by shading in the production phase. An effect that fades the tones and enhances the profiles of the slabs, in an unusual declination of terracotta-effect surfaces. Softer and more delicate, inspired by the brightness of dawn, is Terra Dolce.

Classic visual impact

Both colours are Serenissima's choice for contemporary environments with a classic visual impact, celebrating traditional manufacturing with industrial production processes designed to be environmentally friendly, less demanding in terms of environmental and economic resources and, above all, durable and easy to install.

Aesthetics and technology

The idea is to bring the beauty of historic environments into today's homes, in a return to the fullness of colour and tactile experience. Surface technology brings new concepts and new inspirations to interior design, simplifying laying and implementing perfect control over colours and effects and, above all, adding the possibility of working on total looks that also integrate vertical surfaces.

Formats and Sizes

"Italica proposes a wide choice of functional formats to meet creative and technical needs, capable of enhancing the completeness of the colour palette," explain the brand. There is a wide choice of sizes and thicknesses: "Characterised by R10 surfaces for indoors and R11 for outdoors, also with a thickness of 2 cm for dry laying solutions, on traditional screed and raised floors".