Ecos: a method of wood processing according to the principles of a sustainable circular economy

It is impossible to talk about Itlas without talking about sustainability, the respectful use of natural resources and the passionate search for production processes that exploit every part of the raw material. The Ecos collection, which will be presented to the public in 2021, is the concretisation of a path born together with the company, made of knowledge and a serious ecological attitude rooted in manufacturing expertise.

Eliminating waste

Ecos is above all the result of a production process based on sustainable economics and the idea, borrowed from a healthy respect for natural resources, of eliminating all waste from the manufacturing cycle. Ecos wood surfaces are produced to reintegrate small scraps, which would otherwise be lost, into the production of planks that have excellent aesthetic and functional qualities and incorporate a technology that is unique in the world.

Four Collections

There are four collections in the Ecos project: Online Industrial, Online, Tecno Smart and Le Righe Fine-Line. The planks, produced from wood waste from certified forests, are all finished with water-based varnishes and the protective and sanitising Itlas finish. Ecos' goal is to bring a truly green project born from a profound knowledge of raw materials to a high-end market with high aesthetic and qualitative expectations.

From wood to life

The vision that Itlas wants to communicate becomes very clear in the words of Patrizio Dei Tos, founder of the brand: "Itlas has certainly had a special attention towards the environment and human health since the beginning of its history, which derives in part from my vision of life and in part, but probably the two things are closely linked to each other, from the raw material of our core business: wood. Which is nature and life, which is renewable, reusable and has the great potential to store carbon dioxide, becoming a CO2 safe for our planet'.

Love for the raw material

All Itlas collections are the result of intrinsically ecological thinking because they are animated by love for the raw material. Assi del Cansiglio is made from zero kilometre beech wood, thanks to the collaboration between the brand and the public body that oversees the forests in the Veneto region. Tavole del Piave is a reinterpretation of traditional flooring with large three-layer planks. Legni del Doge is a two-layer collection that is easy and quick to lay.

Craftsmanship knowledge

I Grandi Classici is the result of philological research into the parquet floors of historic residences, bringing back to life spectacular realisations in which the surface is first and foremost craftsmanship and manual labour. Finally, Four Line is the result of a collaboration with Studio Archea Associati for a project focusing on plank compositions made with Legni del Doge planks.