Between Murano and Milan, the Venetian company reveals its secrets through an unprecedented formula that sees the collaboration of If Experience

Time is a strange process. Inexorable, elusive, yet so present. This is the time that Barovier&Toso has dedicated to working in the Murano furnace since 1295, when the first member of the Barovier family, Jacobello, started working with glass.

Barovier&Toso - Journey Project - Bright Revolution

This time is now given to everyone through the Journey project which tells the Barovier & Toso world from a privileged perspective, discovering its identifying and representative places: three documentary videos of about 4 minutes each, three complementary episodes, stages of a journey to company, but also a tool to eliminate distances with customers, professionals, enthusiasts.

Narration and storytelling have been entrusted to IF Experience, a pioneer company of experiential luxury in Italy, founded by the architect Daniela Bianco and the art historian Filippo Cosmelli, face and voice of the project's episodes.

Barovier&Toso - Journey Project - A Temple of Luxury

The first episode takes place inside the company's historic furnace, in Murano. A small excursus through time to retrace some stages of the brand's centuries-old history, but above all a way to dive into the production cycle of the glass factory, from the preparation of the glass to the assembly of the product.

Second and third episodes enter the heart of the company's headquarters: Palazzo Barovier & Toso in Murano and the showroom & concept flat in via Durini in Milan. An opportunity to visit these places, breathe their atmosphere, architectural space, creations, installations, use of color, archival materials, from Rio dei Vetrai to the mainland.

Barovier&Toso - Journey Project - The Same Matter Dreams Are Made Of

The immersive power of the images and filming, entrusted to the direction of Riccardo Petrillo, allows you to get to the heart of the realization processes of the Barovier & Toso creations, describing some details. Spatiality, overall vision and detailed vision also return in the sequences that portray the rooms of Palazzo Barovier & Toso and the Milanese showroom. The videos of the Journal series are available in four languages (Italian, English, Chinese and Russian) which can be used in the relevant sections of the site. A piece that adds to the Tales project. The direction taken by the company is clear: to reveal unpublished content, in an elegant, innovative and intriguing way, to share its realities and highlight every aspect.