In the name of maximum modularity, the sofa designed by Carlo Colombo

Modularity, modularity, versatility are the qualities required of contemporary furniture. Today, living means being able to change, modify, integrate, multiply, functionally and stylishly, furnishings an accessories within one's home. Functionality and design meet and adapt to new living spaces, often nomadic, temporary according to the trends dictated by the millenials and Z generations. Karphi, designed by Carlo Colombo for Giorgetti, is a sofa characterised by extreme modularity.

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Dynamic and versatile

The Karphi project outlines a dynamic domestic landscape that is never repetitive: Giorgetti's contemporary system offers maximum compositional versatility, between essential design and generous proportions. The numerous modules, characterised by welcoming and hospitable seating, are like islands that move through space, creating ever-changing configurations capable of fulfilling different living functions.

Relaxation, conviviality and home working

Karphi by Giorgetti is designed not only to accommodate moments of relaxation but also to open up the living room to conviviality, favouring a cosy ambience or to transform the sofa into a relaxed workstation for home working.

Unique geometric shapes

The various elements of Karphi are complemented by hexagonal-shaped marble, leather or ash tabletops and an ash or ash tray with leather insert, which enhance their functionality and create compositions with geometric shapes that are always unique to the Giorgetti style.

Elegance, tradition, innovation

The quilted cover, completely removable, available in fabric or leather, presents on the armrests and backrest a decoration with "cordonetto" stitching, ton-sur-ton or in a contrasting colour that gives dynamism to the design. A proposal designed for the world of the home and hospitality that conveys elegance, tradition and innovation in full Giorgetti style.