The new project tells the identity of the brand through a product that expresses its style and philosophy. The Design Collection is signed by Dordoni, Laviani, Lissoni and Novembre

A pair of sunglasses is not just a tool to protect yourself from the sun's rays. The frame chosen and then worn tells a personal style. The increasingly innovative, sophisticated, futuristic design transforms two simple colored lenses into a real collector's item. Small architectures to wear: in this 2022 eyewear rediscovers its creative side. Between attention to the environment, refined details, craftsmanship, collaborations with fashion and design.

Kartell Eyewear is born

And also Kartell, in the eyewear sector, looks ahead with new eyes it is appropriate to say. The new Kartell Eyewear project makes its début which tells the identity of the brand through an accessory (are we sure it's just such?) That expresses its style and vision. The collection consists of a Main Collection and a Design Collection that include sun and vision for a total of 100 models. Rodolfo Dordoni, Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni and Fabio Novembre are the Kartell designers called upon to interpret the Design Collection (four special projects, for a total of 32 references) in which each expresses personal creativity in compliance with the company philosophy, using elements and materials. which belong to the brand's industrial project.

Transparency and metal

The collection plays on combinations, processes with particular geometric effects, shapes and overlapping of thicknesses that recall the lines of the most popular Kartell products. The protagonists are transparency, which takes on the colors of the new palettes proposed and gives character to the product, softer in the Main version, more accentuated in the version signed by the designers, and metal used alone or together with other plastic materials. The finishes are glossy or soft touch allowing a wide range of choices. The research and commitment to sustainability also continues on this occasion with KartellBio, an acetate that comes from cotton and wood fibers, used on the frames.

Spirit of identity

"Kartell has always worked looking to the future and to innovations in materials, production processes, but also in the product segments tangential to the furniture world", explains Lorenza Luti, Marketing and Retail Director of Kartell, presenting the first eyewear collection created by company: “A new project resulting from our ability to decline creativity in different forms of design. A further step of our creative laboratory to explore new horizons in full respect of our identity spirit. The collections are characterized by transparency, a symbolic material of Kartell design, and by the continuous search for new sustainable materials such as KartellBio, green acetate that we have applied for the first time to this project and responds to the choice of sustainability carried out for several years, but uses even the metal, respecting the tradition of eyewear. A fil rouge emphasized by the involvement of some designers who collaborate with Kartell and who have also brought their creative vision to this project. Kartell Eyewear is a path in a still unexplored direction that completes the brand identity and will be enriched over time with new elements ", concludes Luti.

The Design Collection

32 references from the Design Collection. Segmenti, Ferruccio Laviani: proposal characterized by a refined soft touch finish which, thanks to injection molding, can be simple and light. Eyeliner, Piero Lissoni: essential and light colored line that marks the eye contour. Shield and Line K, Fabio Novembre: the first inspired by the shapes of the mirrors with a strong personality created by Anna Castelli Ferrieri. The second is a play of colors between frames combined with lenses with a tone-on-tone effect. Loo-K, Rodolfo Dordoni: proposals for men and women that refer to rounded and sinuous shapes with contrasting materials and colors inspired by the classic tradition.

The Main Collection

68 references from the Main Collection declined in sunglasses and eyeglasses born from research on shapes, finishes, materials (including KartellBio) and technological innovation in the injection molding technique.

Points of sale and distribution

Kartell Eyewear will be distributed in a selection of Kartell Flagship Stores, in which special showcases designed for the launch and communication of the product will be set up in the most important specialized optical stores in Italy and in the world, supported by extensive specific merchandising for the various dimensions of spaces and on the website.