Tables and coffee tables become furniture solutions with infinite compositions

Is it possible to imagine a home without a table (of any kind)? An indispensable piece of furniture, it performs many functions in a home: around the table one finds oneself to share food and moments of conviviality with friends and family, to discuss and converse, for moments of leisure and relaxation (from cards to the games that owe their name to the table). And then it furnishes. Its choice must be reasoned in terms of style (classic, modern, contemporary), size (large, small, medium, high, low), materials (wood, glass, metal, stone), shapes (square, round, oval) and colours. Kartell extends the family of its tables and coffee tables, playing precisely on shapes and colours.

A vibrant range of colours

The company expands its offer with Thierry XXL, designed for dining in oval and round versions, complementing the Thierry Bistrot series, designed for lounge bar atmospheres. The elegant and welcoming mood of the collection plays on a lively range of colours, including grey, burgundy and white variants. A passe-partout furnishing solution for many occasions of use, characterised by metal legs and glass tops in vibrant colours like precious gems: burgundy, grey, white and black.

Islands of conviviality

A rounded, postmodern aesthetic capable of creating a relaxed mood, Patricia Urquiola's Undique Mas is the new interpretation of her latest collection of Undique side and low tables, a softer rewrite of the existing tables. The shapes become fuller, more generous, while the original proportions are emphasised. Like the Undique collection, Undique Mas punctuates the domestic environment, creating islands of conviviality in the compositions. The tops come in different sizes and heights to arrange them in ever-changing compositions.

Delicate and elegant tones

Rodolfo Dordoni's living concept also emerges in the new K-Top coffee tables, with high-gloss lacquered legs and tops with different finishes, including a ceramic variant, always in delicate and elegant shades: mirror, dove grey, green, black and marble effect.