The tailor-made project for a house with private garden and swimming pool in Ciudalcampo (Madrid)

Medical studies show how the beneficial effects of contact with nature improve quality of life, work performance and stress management skills. Green areas, urban and private, are good for health, keep fit, facilitate conviviality and social cohesion. More natural urban settings promote better recovery from stressful situations. With its sun protection and shading systems, KE works to make green areas in public and private buildings usable all year round, facilitating the creation of spaces for a healthy relationship with the garden, the lawn, the pool area in the green surroundings of the home.

Open-air living

Half an hour from Madrid, in one of the private, modern-style detached villas with a private garden and swimming pool that dot the residential area of Ciudalcampo, the owners wanted to add an open-air living area next to the swimming pool and jacuzzi, surrounded by greenery, to enjoy an oasis of conviviality and well-being every day of the year, at any time of day. They turned to KE Store Proyectos Xanadú to find a tailor-made solution in line with the style of the house and at the same time functional. A space where they could enjoy the relaxing view of the garden and watch the children having fun between the pool and the play area.

Shading with elegance

Every KE solar shading project is followed in detail, from design to installation, and is tailored to the location, whether it is a small terrace or a large garden. The choice fell on the KE Kedry Prime bioclimatic pergola, an aluminium structure with adjustable blades that, thanks to its modularity in both width and projection, is suitable for covering large areas (dimensions 4.5 m x 6.74 m projection, two modules, self-supporting and white).

Correct ventilation and lighting

The roof's swivelling blades allow for proper ventilation and lighting of the environment, while at the same time, when closed, providing a rainproof roof. To complete the project, the Vertika Prime perimeter roof system, completely hidden when closed, accentuates the contact with the surrounding landscape, in a continuous dialogue between inside and outside. To ensure night use, a system of LED strips illuminates the structure from the inside.