The Kheope sail co-starring in an exclusive space between lightness and design

For a villa overlooking the sea in Zoagli, in the landscape of the Ligurian Riviera between Chiavari and Rapallo, characterised by a large sunny outdoor area equipped with a whirlpool bath, sunbeds and a swimming pool, the owners' need was to create a shaded and relaxing area in a simple but at the same time functional way, guaranteeing comfort in all situations. In addition, the request also included a cover with minimal impact, a real furnishing element integrated into the outdoor area dedicated to well-being.

A lightweight sail

KE store 3s Milano has found the solution in the Kheope sail: an element that preserves the original environment without distorting its characteristics, versatile and able to be installed in the most composite designs. The use of materials and fabrics of nautical derivation makes it suitable for installation in environments characterised by high humidity and saltiness. The technical fabrics, on the one hand, allow the filtering of UV rays and, on the other hand, guarantee air circulation with excellent ventilation and shading.

Fabric, wood, steel

The white fabric was chosen to harmonise with the wooden elements of the terrace and the blue sea in the background. The contrast with the stainless steel structure gives the sail a light design for a protected yet open environment in dialogue with the panorama. The sail has a motor and multi-channel radio control to manage the opening and closing of the canvas. In addition, it is equipped with an anemometer capable of independently closing the sail in the event of strong winds. Completing the custom-made design is the lighting system with spotlights installed on the boom.

Minimal elegance

Kheope, in its essential elegance, becomes a protective and design element at the same time, a solution for those who wish to recreate a place of shelter from the sun. The sail is adaptable and can also be installed in irregular spaces. For more info: KE Outdoor Design.