The Kedry Skylife bioclimatic pergola becomes the defining element of the home

Located in Idse in south-west Norway is this private residence, not far from the Jæren coast with some of the country's most extensive white sandy beaches. The location is known for its position overlooking the bay, in a natural setting where the scents of the bush combine with those of the sea.

Mix of materials

The country house mixes different materials that dialogue between design and tradition: concrete serves as a solid base, naturally dark-coloured weathered wood covers and warms the walls, while the roof is made of grey sheet metal.

Open air all year round

To amplify the sense of immersion in the open space surrounding the terrace, KE's Kedry Skylife bioclimatic pergola was installed on the existing wooden floor. A structure that becomes a characterising element of the home, allowing one to enjoy contact with the outdoor environment, sheltered in all weather conditions. Equipped with a roof with adjustable blades that allows light and air to be modulated, the bioclimatic pergola was chosen in the rough carbon black colour variant, a chromatic solution that ideally links it to the building.

Bright, warm glazing

To complete the connection between architecture and landscape, Line Glass windows enclose the structure, allowing light to illuminate and rays to warm this open-air environment. To allow use at all hours of the day and to make the terrace a stage for convivial moments in the evening, LED strips were installed in the interior profiles.