The new Glass Pavilion at the Grotta Giusti Thermal Spa Resort in Monsummano Terme in Tuscany is an oasis of relaxation and wellness

There are places of the soul, where everyone can find themselves and rediscover harmony in their relationship with the landscape. Places where one feels at home, places that allow one to leave the world behind, if only for a moment, but it is that moment that counts. Places that are often the result of a decision, a choice. Places that sometimes choose people. Then, everything becomes natural: gestures, actions, thoughts take place of their own accord and you feel you are exactly who you are. In the right place...

Nature, art and territory

In the greenery of Tuscany, in a park with a spring and a thermal grotto, Grotta Giusti Thermal Spa Resort is a 19th-century villa near Monsummano Terme, between Florence, Pisa and Lucca, that was the country residence of the family of the poet Giuseppe Giusti (1809 - 1850). A five-star resort where every detail is inspired by the bond that unites people, nature, art and territory. Here, the poetry of nature, the limestone rock and the water in the grotto, which gushes out at 34 °C and is rich in precious minerals and trace elements, tell of a unique place dedicated to wellness. Where you can experience a journey through history and wellness, in harmony between the 19th-century past and modern comfort.

Oasis of relaxation

Immersed in the park, the outdoor thermal pool is an oasis to be enjoyed at all times of the day. To make it usable in all seasons, the property relied on the experience of KE's PMO office, assisted by the KE Store Lunardi & Forni, to study the best solution and create a protected space beside the pool where the relaxation area could be set up. The need for protection, so as not to give up the view of the surrounding landscape, found the best solution in Isola 3 (an aluminium pergola awning with a minimalist design) and the Line Glass closure system.

A luminous and heated Glass Pavilion

The project involved 310 square metres of surface area with a fully openable roof. Thanks to the use of Isola 3, it was possible to use large modules and significantly reduce the number of columns in the centre of the structure. Completing the project was the Line Glass glazing system, whose minimalist design, high performance and all-glass effect helped to enhance the brightness of the rooms and accentuate the contact with the green surroundings. To ensure use after sunset, a LED strip system illuminates the structures from the inside, enhancing the charm of the evening hours. For maximum comfort, even in the winter period, the structure has been equipped with an electric floor heating system.