The Colour Collection palette to further customise a room that has become a real room

It is no secret that the bathroom has long since ceased to be a simple service room, also thanks to design, but has returned to being a room like any other, at the centre of sophisticated interior projects that aim to make it not only a functional space, but also a personalised one. A further contribution to these new requirements comes from the world of colour. Kerakoll has created the Patina and Wallpaper technical coverings precisely to help extend the abacus of solutions dedicated to both residential and commercial spaces.

Experimenting with fashions and trends

"The bathroom is the room where most of all one is allowed to experiment and play with colours, especially if there is more than one in the house, tending to match decorations and furnishings or to make them in stark contrast. What's more, in the life of a home, the bathroom is the room that undergoes the most transformations over time, where we dare and follow trends," explains Alessandro Dondi, Kerakoll's Marketing and Communication Director.

Harmonious combinations

The possibility of colouring rooms with the 150 shades of the Kerakoll Color Collection makes it possible to create harmonious combinations for total customisation. The palette is made up of colour scales in which each colour complements or can be combined with the others, for coordinated decorative and design choices with a strong personality.

Choices and combinations

"In this way, it is possible to choose a single colour scale for all the elements in a room, with different shades, but characterised by the same level of intensity, or to opt for polychromatic combinations of equal saturation, moving horizontally, according to three gradations: light, medium, dark," continues Dondi.

Textures, finishes, colours

But how does one actually create a palette that aspires to be innovative? "Color Collection is the result of exclusive and sophisticated research about textures, finishes and colours that enables architects, designers and private individuals to enhance the most diverse architectural, style and furnishing choices. The design idea arose from the need to combine colours and surfaces, to combine aesthetic elegance and living wellbeing, two key aspects of the Kerakoll philosophy: by inserting colour into rooms you define a style, by inserting a surface you add three-dimensionality to rooms. This is how Color Collection was born".

150 shades

The colours in the range include sophisticated and contemporary, elegant and enveloping shades, soft and natural saturations, with rich but never aggressive nuances, as well as dusty tones characterised by slight undertones of grey. "In designing the Colour Collection," adds Dondi, "we asked ourselves three questions: which colours, how many and how to represent them. The colours of the spectrum are infinite. Faced with the opportunity to create an extremely broad and deep colour palette, we opted for 150 tones. A balanced number for us, to meet the most diverse design requirements. A number that means plenty of choice and at the same time a guided and coordinated palette with selected tones that can satisfy the most demanding designers and private individuals".

Guaranteed high performance

In the bathroom, technical performance must be special, given the need for colour to resist water, heat and moisture more than in other spaces: "That is why we have developed a specific protection technology for all surfaces suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. Thus, our surfaces that fall into the category of technical resin coatings have a protective finish based on a Microresin film that can protect the surface and the colour from direct contact with water, steam and cleaning detergents. Thanks to the final protective film, the impermeability and usability of the finish is guaranteed in walls that require more performance, while leaving the chosen colour and texture completely unaltered".

Photos: Salva Lopez