The company's Milan showroom is a manifesto project that uses colour to narrate the brand's attitude to environmental protection

There is the magic of encounter in the Strato project signed by Martino Gamper for Kerakoll. On the one hand, a designer with an original and poetic approach, unique in Italy for his artistic vocation and use of materials. On the other, a company whose goal is to build an abacus based on colour at the service of spaces. Two souls, two stories that meet in the new layout of Kerakoll's Milan showroom, presented during Milan Design Week 2023, to give life to what we can define as a manifesto project.

Exploring layering

Strato explores, as its name explains, the concept of layering and makes it the driver of a sustainable approach to design that aims to renew existing surfaces through Kerakoll's colours and solutions, in line with the Emilian company's status as a charitable company.

Creating a new future

"Strato is a project I created with the restyling of the Kerakoll showroom in Milan in mind. The idea was to play with the past and the present, with the architecture of the spaces and the range of colours, to create a new future," Gamper explains. "The shapes I designed became furniture that spoke a simple, geometric language, but at the same time concealed a great complexity in the lines and cuts. The mix of elements, made with Kerakoll colours and woods, was chosen to create a new, stimulating and interactive environment for visitors".

Recovering and enhancing

With Strato, Martino Gamper leads us to reflect on the meaning of design in an era marked by the climate emergency: if society confronts us with increasingly urgent ethical and environmental imperatives, design does not necessarily have to produce something new, but rather to recover and enhance what already exists, in a potentially endless process of renewal and improvement, in which creativity and technology meet.

Matter, craftsmanship, environment

Says Alessandro Dondi, Kerakoll's marketing and communications director: "The Strato project is the ideal continuation of the path already started with Gamper, who had created the Plinthos installation in the windows of our showroom at Fuorisalone 2022. The collaboration is based on some fundamental values: the search for material,craftsmanship, connection with the environment and a sustainable approach to design".

A continuous change of space

The new layout was created to support the idea of a continuous change of space. Like a natural organism, in fact, the showroom is destined to change shape to adapt to different contexts and situations. The restyling thus adds further aesthetic and conceptual levels to the showroom spaces. The new look of the spaces, elegant and essential, offers those who enter an emotional and interactive experience with the colours and surfaces of Kerakoll, Color Collection and Fugabella Color.

Strong personality

Kerakoll Brera Studio thus presents itself to the public by displaying intense, bold combinations alternating with pastel shades, while different textures and finishes blend on walls, floors, wall coverings, fixtures and furnishings. The result gives life to total design episodes in which furniture becomes atmosphere and rooms acquire a strong personality.

A collective project

Strato is a collective project. While Gamper took care of the concept and furnishings, the Cameranesi Pompili duo directed the styling of the showroom by choosing colours and materials, and the creative agency Studio Blanco coordinated the entire project. In the showroom, site-specific furnishings designed by Gamper are mixed with the use of pre-existing furnishings, recontextualised and renewed in appearance and colour thanks to Microresina, the most ductile of the Color Collection textures, suitable for re-designing ceramic and parquet floors and walls and for recolouring furniture, doors, interior and exterior fixtures and heating elements.

A meeting place

The new layout includes a Lounge area, where it is possible to talk freely in front of a wall presenting the entire Colour Collection palette, and a renovated Meeting Room for personalised design consultations, in front of a bookcase that also serves as a showcase for the 50 shades of Fugabella Color.