Fugabella Color, a colour universe to give continuity to different surfaces

Between Italian design, the so-called ‘fattobene’ celebrated throughout the world, and decorative stucco there is a very close relationship. A deep relationship that goes back centuries, not only to art from the Middle Ages onwards, but as far back as the Roman house. For this reason, talking about Fugabella Color, Kerakoll's proposal designed for refined, contemporary interiors and exteriors with a measured hint of antiquity, means rewinding the ribbon of decoration while still looking forward.

From tone-on-tone to contrasting joints

Fifty contemporary colours, including sixteen brand new shades, Fugabella Color offers a wide range of design possibilities, from tone-on-tone effects to the boldest contrasting joints. A proposal ‘designed to leave room for a chromatic universe of great measure, where elegance, freshness and refined taste find maximum expression’, explain the B Corp certified brand from Emilia.

Aesthetic continuity

‘Fugabella Color responds to the aesthetic and functional requirements dictated by the evolution of the ceramic industry and the needs of interior designers, specifiers and applicators looking for a product that can guarantee the best aesthetic continuity to a discontinuous surface,’ they recount.

A rich range

The proposal is part of Kerakoll's Color Fill range, a complete system of decorative finishing plasters and sealers designed for the world of surfaces. Color Fill includes two fillers, Fugabella Color and Fugalite Color, and three sealers, Silicone Color, Neutro Color and Silmat Color, which offer solutions suited to different uses.

50 colours to choose from

The Colour Chart of fifty colours, also shared by Fugabella Color, integrates completely with the most varied shapes and materials, allowing for aesthetic consistency between different applications.

Gradations and colours

The Fugabella Color palette is designed to offer endless possibilities in the finishing of floor and wall coverings, from tone-on-tone to contrasting combinations. The fifty elegant and sophisticated shades cover a spectrum from the most neutral to the most intense shades and include sixteen new colours: from warm greys to natural shades, from pink variants to deep, elegant browns.

Easy matching thanks to a code

The new Fugabella Color Chart, now consisting of eleven colour families arranged vertically, is designed to make colour selection easier. Each colour is marked with a KK code, shared by all Color Fill products and Color Collection, Kerakoll's complete system of decorative paints and resins, to create continuity and colour balance between surfaces and finishes.

Wide range of combinations

"The colour matching of the Fugabella Color shades with those of the Color Collection ensures special combinations between stucco and decorative wall coverings to meet every need, guaranteeing a wide range of combinations. The combinations created with Fugabella Color shades highlight details and enhance the uniqueness of spaces. The shades integrate completely with the most varied shapes and materials, allowing for aesthetic consistency between different applications. The breadth of the Fugabella Color palette translates into the possibility of creating different styles, from the boldest to the most linear,’ explain Kerakoll.

Dialogue with ceramic and natural stone

The choice of stucco in neutral tones creates visual continuity with ceramic or natural stone slabs, for tone-on-tone combinations. The resulting minimalist effect lends lightness to the volumes and enhances the materials. The natural tones of the joints highlight the material textures and create aesthetic uniformity in the surfaces and chromatic balance between the different grouts and sealants used.