With the latest innovations, the home becomes a place dedicated to creativity, where small appliances become trusted friends able to simplify processes and preparations

Among the innovations in the small appliances sector recently presented by KitchenAid, at least three deserve a mention: the 4.8 L Artisan Robot in the limited edition Light&Shadow, the 3.1 L Food Processor and the Bread Bowl with 4 Lid , 7 L. Great classic of the brand, the first allows you to prepare all kinds of recipes thanks to its ability to mix, whip, beat and knead the ingredients. Today this international icon is presented in the Sand Soaked hue, capable of generating pyramidal games of light and shadow, and is equipped with a black ceramic bowl without handle with three-dimensional studs resistant to cracks and stains, designed to be used in the freezer, microwave and oven up to 246 ° C. Among the standard accessories supplied (in stainless steel and dishwasher safe): the six-wire whisk, the dough hook and the flat whisk.

The 3.1 L Food Processor minces, kneads, grates and slices even the most difficult ingredients, and is offered in numerous original nuances: Imperial Red, Matt Black, Black Onyx, Cream and Silver Plated. In addition, it is equipped with LED light controls with three blade speed options, so as to precisely control each stage of preparation and obtain the desired consistency. Like the Artisan Robot, the Food Processor can also boast a series of standard accessories, for example the blade for kneading all types of leavened dough, the reversible disc for fine and medium grain grating, the Extra Slice disc for slicing and a kit for dicing fruit, cheese and vegetables.

Finally, the 4.7 L Bread Bowl with lid allows you to mix, knead and leaven bread at home in an extremely simple way. Made of reinforced titanium ceramic, it is completed by a lid (also in ceramic) that retains the steam during cooking, creating an environment similar to that of a traditional steam oven. It can hold up to 525 grams of flour to make 455-680 grams of bread, and can be placed in a freezer, microwave or oven up to 260 ° C. The bowl is compatible with all KitchenAid 4.8 and 4.3 L mobile motor body food processors.