The brand presents the new Grigio Carnico marble for the Saarinen table collection

To mark its 85th anniversary, Knoll presents a new marble finish for the iconic Saarinen table collection, created by Eero Saarinen and produced without interruption since 1958.

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Architecture, design, sculpture

In his approach to architecture and design, Eero Saarinen often betrays his original passion for sculpture. An innovator in the creation of sculptural structures and forms, with a pragmatic approach to product functionality, Saarinen's design philosophy includes the combination of essentials and striking solutions, the use of new materials with organic shapes rich in curves, and a strong sculptural impact.

Unique visions

Every single detail of the Saarinen by Knoll collection of tables recounts the uniqueness of its creator's vision: from the search for marble for the tops to the line of the pedestal that seems to rise from the ground to become one with its surroundings. The furniture created by Saarinen for Knoll, which includes the collection of tables and chairs with pedestal bases, are considered among the most iconic examples of post-war design.

The new Grigio Carnico marble top

For over 60 years, starting with Saarinen's Pedestal Collection, Knoll has offered a collection of the finest marbles and veneers in a wide range of colours. Available for all Saarinen tables with a white or black lacquered Rilsan frame, the new Grigio Carnico marble top features a deep grey colour with white, light and dark veins and is available in a glossy and satin polyester finish.