Piero Lissoni designs a bottle dedicated to sustainability for a historic Valpolicella winery, Masi. Awarded at the last Vinitaly

A design project that accurately quantifies the formula Less is more: - 33%. That is the percentage of weight that the 'Bottle Masi', thanks to the design of Piero Lissoni, manages to reduce compared to the average bottle of wines of similar positioning.

If the sustainability of a wine begins in the vineyard, it must also continue coherently in its container, thought the top management of the winery, calling on the designer to develop a new bottle based on production ethics capable of generating a virtuous circle.

Lissoni explains: "With this project we wanted to represent our profound respect for wine and give shape to the beauty of a container that encloses one of the most precious liquids in the world The 'Bottle Masi' was born around two elements: lightness and resistance.

To design it, we wondered if it was possible to reduce the amount of glass, in order to make it more efficient, thin and delicate, without losing, paradoxically, its sturdiness.

Thanks to its design we have managed to save a few hundred grams of glass: this is equivalent to reducing the amount of energy needed to work it, but also to transport it. The fact of removing weight reverberates throughout the chain, from production to handling and final use".

Produced by Verallia, a world reference in the design and supply of glass containers, the Masi-Lissoni bottle is light, essential, transparent, capable of innovating shapes that have been codified for centuries.

It is also the identity message of a historic winery (among the absolute interpreters of Amarone, to which the new bottle is not rightly intended) in step with the times and with the stringent needs of sustainability.

The new container, whose design stems from the elimination of the superfluous, gives shape to Fresco di Masi, a line of organic wines also produced by subtraction, minimizing the human intervention on nature, without drying, without passage in wood and filtration.

The entire package is 100% sustainable: from the light and transparent glass bottle, almost giving the sensation of holding the wine in the palm of your hand, to the recycled paper label (with graphics designed by Ma ! design&partners), from the natural cork stopper to the recyclable capsule.

It is no coincidence that Masi's Rosso Verona igt Fresco bottle recently won the specialLabel of the Year 2023 award at the Vinitaly Design International Packaging Competition.