At Cersaie 2022 Mirage presents Papier, the new porcelain stoneware collection that dresses the walls with the scenographic intensity of nature

Home and nature: the international scenario tells of how, today, combining these two dimensions is the key to interpreting well-being domestic. A home in which to immerse oneself, in the comfort of one's privacy, is enhanced when the botanical component is added, whether it is decorative or functional only to good living.

It is in these terms that Mirage reasoned, which on the occasion of Cersaie 2022 - the International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Bathroom Furnishings - presents the new porcelain stoneware collection Papier.

Traveling with the eyes

From motifs natural, which alternate floral and plant-themed subjects, Papier by Mirage dresses the walls of the interiors, but also of the outdoors, with a scenographic intensity typical of the most beautiful places in the world.

The combination of slabs, totally invisible thanks to the refined production technology reserved for each component, gives life to almost pictorial scenarios that open the doors to imagination.

The contemporary home

The conceptual origin of the new Papier collection is to be found in a famous testimony by Giò Ponti, who in 1928 outlined the logic of contemporary living, defining the Italian house a place where: "There is no great distinction between exterior and interior: elsewhere there is even separation of forms and materials: with us the architecture from outside penetrates into the interior, and does not neglect to use either stone or plaster or fresco".

Papier in fact interprets the fluidity and the permeability of spaces that, today, increasingly live in a nature rich but well-kept that 'invades' the interiors.

Sixteen shades

From the softest to the exotic interpretations, Papier is available in 16 artistic variations designed with a view to maximum combinability, chromatic and style of each project. Encanto, for example, represents the rainforest alternating a cascade of tropical leaves with warm-toned forsythia flowers, which in the Encanto Gold variant, they are tinged with gold.

Soleil , on the other hand, offers dense vegetation with bright shades and pink flowers. Palm is inspired by the pristine nature of the tropics, reworking it in Urban Jungle style.

The subjects Nuage, Aquarelle Rose and Aquarelle Vert, as well as Camille Gold and Camille Rose, represent floral mantles with soft shades, ideal for romantic environments with a modern spirit. Espoir Froid and Aurora, bring the Japandi atmosphere typical of naturally inspired Japanese screens. Merveille and Corolle instead recall real flower gardens.