Kerakoll Brera Studio is renewed, protagonist the Color Collection in 150 shades

For the Milan Design Week, Kerakoll restarts from the space in via Solferino, in the heart of Brera, completely renovated, where the protagonist will be the Color Collection in one hundred and fifty shades, the new complete range of eco-friendly decorative paints and resins for floors and walls. We talked about it with Alessandro Dondi, Kerakoll Group marketing and communication director.

"The Brera district is an international showcase for the world of design, a place for artists and craftsmen, where aesthetics blends with functionality," explains Dondi. “Kerakoll Brera Studio is an exclusive location, flanked by the most prestigious brands, which since 2009 has allowed us to have a prominent place in the world design panorama. Ours is an experiential space, where you can touch the material textures of the new Color Collection and explore the infinite combination possibilities that the one hundred and fifty colors of the palette offer. This is why we wanted the full-size Color Chart to welcome customers, the true protagonist of the showroom renovation which in its minimalism shows how the choice of color and surfaces can give a new life to spaces, be it ours. homes or commercial environments ".

“Experiential” is a word often abused in the world of design, what does it mean exactly in the case of Kerakoll Brera Studio?

“For us, a successful customer experience means offering our customers homogeneous and excellent omnichannel experiences, both online and in physical stores. People, our customers, are the most important asset for an excellent customer experience. What we try to do in all our physical locations is to provide a quality experience through highly qualified and trained staff and an installation that can best communicate the image of our brand and its values. In the Kerakoll Brera Studio there are no supporting videos, no particular effects, except the play of light and shadow on the walls. Everything is entrusted to the word, to the ability to guide and advise, to the story of the quality of our eco-friendly decorative paints and resins, to the sensations that the environment arouses and that the customer takes home ".

The interior design business is moving towards progressive digitization: in this scenario, the choice of color remains an analogue phenomenon, i.e. is the color chart still explored in the store?

“This pandemic has forced us to think outside the box and to build stories and content that can live on platforms other than established ones, overcoming the lack of physical contact with unconventional ideas and projects. Digital has taken over, but we are convinced that in the future the winning weapon will be the balance between the latter and the physical world. In our sector, color and surfaces need the third dimension to amaze, excite, to choose. The choice of colors cannot be filtered only through a screen, direct and sensory experience remains an important factor. When all this is over, we will have to be able to take the best of digital but return to the emotions and human contact of physical relationships, which are the heart of our doing business. The setting of Milan Design Week 2021 is also a way to start again in this sense ".

What are the peculiarities of the Color Collection at the center of the location in Brera?

"The uniqueness of the new Color Collection lies in the ability to choose both the colors and the type of finish to customize your environments, according to your tastes and style. Looking at the Color Chart, the customer can choose from one hundred and fifteen sophisticated colors, available in fifteen material textures: from resins to cements, from woods to paints with multiple effects and finishes, for indoor and outdoor. Organized in fifteen vertical chromatic scales, the one hundred and fifty shades range from delicate whites and pastel tones to darker and highly saturated colors, which lend themselves well to harmonic combinations. All this, with a careful look at sustainability and living well-being, which has always distinguished Kerakoll: all colors are formulated with the highest quality pigments combined with oils and natural active ingredients, for visibly richer and more intense colors, characterized by chromatic depth. and incomparable decorative impact ".