Ideas and solutions for living and living in the house: from the study-work area to the living room, to the sleeping area

Living your home today means living it in a way that makes it in your own image and likeness. A house that takes shape according to people's needs. Twils offers a series of flexible furnishings that are able to make even homes flexible.

For study and work

The first is the Vision program with contemporary and rational storage units with one and two doors, open without doors, free-standing or wall-mounted. All completed by the boiserie panels, to furnish the room with functionality and imagination. A square element with two doors can hide a comfortable bed, easy to extract with a few gestures. Do you need a space to study, draw or use the computer? The flap door of the suspended storage unit becomes a desk and on the internal shelf there is space for books, stationery, personal items. Everything at your fingertips. Each composition is customizable both in configuration and in aesthetics.

Ideas that solve problems

Modem is a pouf-bed with a rigorous line, softened by a rollò, which turns into a bed with a few simple gestures. Aesthetics, rationality, functionality. The best ideas solve problems: an unexpected guest, visiting friends, a new arrival in the family. There are many situations that Modem solves with a minimum footprint.

A bed that becomes an armchair

There are armchairs that turn into beds. PoLet, the ironic armchair / bed designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1992 and re-edited by Twils, is instead a bed that becomes an armchair. Or, better, a throne with its high, ironic and functional backrest. And if it is true that simple gestures are the ones that change your life, PoLet turns out to be a piece of furniture that adapts to domestic needs and makes you feel at home. Castiglioni designed it to open and close with extreme naturalness, like a deckchair.

Two beds are better than one

And finally 2Much! Two beds in the space of one, to have a free space during the day. In the evening the beds become two in an instant, because the second bed is equipped with wheels that facilitate its movement. The base can be equipped with a storage box, to save space and keep everything in order. With the right choice of colors and the addition of some decorative pillows, it can become the focal point of the room. A useful, functional and fun idea.