Minimal, functional and technological: the new line, designed by Giampiero Castagnoli and Marco Pisati, tells the evolution of the company

Rubinetterie Treemme products know how to combine aesthetics, design and functionality. In recent years, the company has been experiencing both a productive renewal, with the introduction of new plants, and a strategic commercial and marketing one. The path of innovation undertaken is now unstoppable: the new collections are the result of stylistic research and engineering development that reflect the avant-garde spirit of the Tuscan company.

Among the new proposals, the T30 line, designed by engineer Giampiero Castagnoli and designer Marco Pisati, is the emblem of this growth and tells of the company's evolution. It is a collection of minimalist, functional and technological brass mixer faucets: the balance and rigor of the shape together with the high functional reliability make T30 the mixer for every bathroom.

The mixer faucet features a lightweight circular silhouette due to its minimized sections. An effect obtained both thanks to the 22 mm diameter cartridge, the smallest brass cartridge on the market made exclusively for Rubinetterie Treemme, and thanks to the use of an innovative Neoperl aerator of only 13.5 mm in diameter.

T30 stands out for the particularity of the mixing control, also proposed with a knurled texture, aesthetically pleasing and useful for optimizing grip, a detail that harmonizes with the thin and light body.