For a Kitchen Re-Creation, the fluid kitchen by Arredo3

Change, speed, flexibility are the watchwords of the last year. And they are the daily bread for design, a skill intimately connected to the design discipline. This is also what makes Arredo3 a design oriented company, focused on new needs and trends in the sector. Rethinking the kitchen environment is not easy: there are many variables at play and, above all, it is one of the most meaningful and functional layered spaces in the house. The challenge now is to transform the heart of the home into a place that is increasingly open to different uses. No longer just a space in which food is prepared, one opens up to conviviality and meets with family and friends. But also an environment of passage, transitory, in which to stop even just to answer a few emails or write the report for the next call.

Arredo3 takes the opportunity to invent a presence that brings together all these themes in an FuoriSalone event. In the Milan-Solferino showroom, in the Brera District, the brand presents Arredo3 Kitchen Re-Creation, a reflection on the theme of the fluidity of living spaces, the dialogue between the different living areas and, of course, also sustainability. The path of Arredo3 moves starting from the material, with attention to environmental sustainability, from finishes to collections, in line with the contemporary nature of home living.

Among the many proposals, the Meg collection offers, for example, an island composition that explores the liveability of environments and the balance between transversal functions and formal care. An island model that explores the liveability of environments and the balance between transversal functions and formal care. A refined and harmonious organization of the environment, which extends in length to offer the necessary storage space and support, integrating the style of the finishes. A balanced choice for lines and materials: the white Pet of bases and columns next to the smoked display cabinets with integrated LEDs also present in the important sideboards with the base.

In this version of the model, the focal point is the pull-out snack top. It was born as an informal and disengaged support, to then become a precious and intelligent component of that multifunctionality that we all need in the new normal. The compositional possibilities and solutions are also diverse: thanks to a simple movement, the snack top moves laterally or diagonally to offer an additional operational area or become a support for work or study, to be completed with the insertion of stools. of different heights or adjustable (from 55 to 80 cm in height).

The transition elements between living room and kitchen mainly concern a reinterpretation of the sideboard, which here borrows some typical characteristics of the living room pieces. For example, the smoked glass, or the 24 cm base to support the sideboards, which thus acquire greater verticality and lightness. Arredo3 offers several compositional possibilities, attentive to highly customizable solutions, to meet the most diverse tastes and needs. The Meg model expresses a contemporary lifestyle, with echoes and references to details coming from tradition. A choice that suggests functionality and warmth at the same time, designed for an environment that generously welcomes and transforms the kitchen into a space to be used at any time of the day.