Roda explores a new type of product: the kitchen. To complete a catalog that does not neglect anything about living in open-air spaces

In summer, you can eat outdoors, at any latitude. And the outdoor kitchens are part of the rural tradition and of the great open-air lunches, celebrated to celebrate or even just to enjoy a conviviality enhanced by the pleasures of mild temperatures and nature in its most beautiful and luxuriant version. Outdoor cooking is therefore a functional response to a shared tradition, which changes little even in the most diverse cultures.

Roda has always been involved in outdoor living, but until now the kitchen was still an unexplored typology. However, starting from May, Norma, the brand's first outdoor kitchen, will be on the market. The signature is, as always, of the art director Rodolfo Dordoni, who in this project wanted to celebrate his passion for the south and for Sicily. Starting from the name, which surely recalls Bellini's famous work and mentions a famous Sicilian condiment.

Norma is not an improvised kitchen. “Cooking belongs to the pleasures of everyday life. We wanted to enrich the atmosphere that we have always given to living outdoors, through product lines as complete as possible, also adding an outdoor kitchen "explains Rodolfo Dordoni. "Norma is a product conceived with an all-Italian sensibility, which intends to enhance our passion for cooking combined with the functionality and quality of good design".

Developed in collaboration with Ilve, a brand specializing in professional kitchens for domestic use, Norma is a flexible set of equipped tops. The freestanding island houses an AISI 304 steel sink grafted onto the structured Lapitec top. If desired, it is also possible to add the refrigerator in the compartment below. The peninsula extends into a suspended high floor designed both as an extension of the work area and to accommodate diners.

The actual kitchen can also be mounted on wheels and positioned where it is most convenient, even under the peninsula top. The triple-crown hob with five gas-fired burners houses, in the lower part, the shelves in larch slats. A bar for hanging tools completes the functional setting and transforms an outdoor furniture collection into an indispensable tool for summer gourmets and long dinners under the stars. The stainless steel plates and the wooden cutting boards that are grafted onto the worktop are the accessories that can complete the functions and add formal value to the whole. The color choices range from the classic Roda Smoke shade to the milky white and rust colors available for the doors.

The focus of the project is in the organization of a space that is flexible, mobile and orderly at the same time. Functional inspiration belongs to open-air cooking spaces, in which each object has its own space while not giving up on a shared kitchen, to be enjoyed together. For Roda it is a significant leap into a new type of product, which harmoniously completes a catalog that contains every object necessary for outdoor life.

Photo by Andrea Ferrari