From the integration of the two systems Frame and Blade comes the project presented by the brand in its Milan flagship store at MDW 2022

Developed by Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello, the new Modulnova project is organized around the Frame island, the central element that defines its style: the doors are offered in a new version that combines Bianco Lasa marble, used for the panels, with a solid walnut frame that frames it, mixed with the Dust metal finish. Characterizing the island is a lightness to which the thickness of the top, reduced to 12 mm, and that of the supporting side of only 6 mm contribute, which disappears behind the door so as not to reveal the overlapping of materials. In addition, the entire composition is almost suspended thanks to the presence of a 10 cm portal positioned at the bottom.

Certified and patented marble treatment

All White Lasa marble surfaces are complemented by the azerocare finish, a treatment, certified and patented by Antolini, that guarantees high water and oil repellent protection against stains and corrosion. A boiserie defines the space, in a harmonious play between materials, volumes and colors. The continuity between island and vertical elements is given by the presence of solid walnut that outlines the edge of the Blade door in the new Edge version with Dust Bronze metal finish. A detail that represents the leit motive of the entire project and is repeated in the shelves of the bookcase characterized by the same metal finish with front profile in solid walnut.

Alternating depths

In the bookcase, an element that opens to the living area, Bianco Lasa marble is again the protagonist with a different texture than in the Frame island. Marble is used here as a backrest in combination with Bronze Dust aluminum, juxtaposed in an alternation of depths. Aspect enhanced by vertical light cuts that emphasize the materiality of the stone. Verticality is a constant in the wall system, due to the height of the striking Blade Edge columns and the presence of niches.

Maximum customization

The new Blade Edge system offers ample room for customization of interior spaces, from the backs, which can also be covered in other materials, such as milltech or dust metals to the new system of accessorizable shelves, ideal both as worktops and as glass shelves to be completed with a program of customized elements and accessories.