With the Monochrome Collections of the Chorus series, Gewiss follows the evolution of taste and offers plates and buttons in a single color

There is the exclusive style of Lux, designed for a luxury interior. There is the minimal footprint of Geo, for more informal and contemporary spaces. There is also One, with a young and soft look, and there are Ice and Ice Touch, with a pure and elegant touch. These are some of the new models of the Chorus Monochrome collections by Gewiss, an Italian excellence in the electrotechnical sector, formed by plates and switches for switches in the same color.

Two finishes, four styles and five types of colors define the new collections of a family - Chorus, in fact - which expands, providing designers and individuals with the possibility of even more elegant and harmonious solutions in any type of residential environment. Each style - from Lux to Ice - represents the character of the environment in which it is inserted, which is embodied in the design of each plate, while each collection is the combination of a finish and a color. The colors match perfectly with the most contemporary furnishing and design trends. The choice between glossy and opaque gives unexpected light effects and makes every living style unique.

Paolo Bergamin, Solution marketing manager connected buildings of the company explains: "Gewiss has always made research and knowledge of people's living and living styles an integral part of its mission, focusing on offering constantly updated ranges that meet the needs of users. both in functional and aesthetic terms. From this attention was born the Chorus series, which stood out not only for its functional completeness but also for its wide aesthetic segmentation, offering on the same platform the possibility of selecting and combining plates and devices in multiple variations of color, material and finishes. , thus adapting to every taste and need.

In an evolving world, the inspirations and priorities that people value in recreating atmospheres that reflect their lifestyle in their living and professional spaces obviously change over time. Along this path, architects and designers, who represent real points of reference for the end user and for Gewiss, have increasingly moved towards monochromatic solutions, which focus attention on lines and content, rather than on contrasting details , enhancing the individual product as a whole within the environment, and allowing its insertion in any space, in a sober but at the same time distinctive way ".

In intercepting this attention and need on the part of the market, with a focus therefore on those actors who promote and influence aesthetic trends, such as architects, Gewiss has evolved the Chorus series with the new Monochrome collections, which respond to all the main tastes, offer solutions perfectly integrated with modern interiors, both residential and commercial. "Five collections that chromatically and materially align themselves with current trends, offering keys in glossy white, natural beige satin, satin white, satin black and Titanium versions, and intersect with four different styles of plates, One, Geo, Lux and Ice, each with its own character and personality, declined on the same colors and finishes of the keys, and made on different materials (technopolymer, metal, glass) ".

The result is therefore an extremely wide array of solutions suitable for any environment, with which Gewiss offers those who design and decorate living and working spaces the possibility of aesthetically integrating the management of functionality with the design style that best reflects the way to belong to those who live it. "The need for complete and perfect management of one's home, accompanying the user in recreating maximum comfort, in total safety, makes the civil series an integral element of the project, which must be enhanced", adds Bergamin. "The Monochrome collections therefore allow you to insert these devices into the environment in a discreet way, but at the same time with character, further enhancing their functional content".