Lighting vocation declined in living: Living Vibes is the living and hospitality collection that includes Libera, the new project by Artec Studio

Within an industrial system such as that of iGuzzini, light is no longer just a product, it is value. From this reflection shared with the Spanish designer Maurici Gines, founder of Artec Studio, comes Libera, a modular lighting system. A new thought on the theme of linear light that, according to Gines: "Formulates a conceptual question: how do you bring light into an environment?".

Typological revolution

The answer is not to be found in an aesthetic display of technology, nor is it to be found in the range of products with a 'paleo-industrial' mood that formalise the charm of former buildings in the world's megacities. Libera is a typological revolution: it fits elegantly into a quest to celebrate formal detail, to make use of poetic suggestions and a contemplative vision of light, combining total freedom of use with the visual well-being of Optidiamond hi-tech optics.

Synthesis exercise

Libera is part of the broader Living Vibes programme, whose declared objective is to bring the brand's technological content into the living and hospitality world. A strategic operation also from an identity point of view: iGuzzini was born from the design of products for the domestic space and the work of the great masters of Italian design. Maurici Gines seizes the opportunity for an exercise in synthesis that makes manifest the company's historical bearing and at the same time gives it a product in which to make the miniaturised optics invented in the iGuzzini research laboratories shine (this is the most accurate verb).

A gesture in space

"I don't like strongly identity-based designs," explains Maurici Gines. "I believe that the freedom to interpret an object is a fundamental value. Libera responds to this need: that is how the name came about, because the important thing is no longer just to bring light, but how to bring it: I wanted freedom. I wanted a system that would allow a gesture in space. Its body and soul are the ability to give the freedom to make it manifest'.

Three compositional elements

In concrete terms, the system integrates the three compositional elements, light rod, joint and base, into an organic whole firmly rooted in the groove of an elegant, thoughtful, surprising made in Italy. Each part is designed with a formal intention. The conical section bar, the brass joint, the base as a decorative as well as functional detail. There is a positive formal ambiguity that calls for a personal interpretation of space, the ultimate in aesthetic emancipation. The base module can be used individually, or build flexible and scenic decorative geometries. Libera also integrates intelligent sensors and can be operated with a Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone. The light rods and base are available in four colours (white, black, titanium, blue) in combination with the colours of the joint and cable accessories.

The place of beauty

"The brass joint is a gift," Gines continues. "A small shining detail capable of layering the passage of time by changing colour. Brass is a sustainable, eternal material, designed to last. To leave it bare is to appreciate its qualities". Maurici Gines continues the story by quoting the Japanese term Tokonoma, the 'place of beauty' inside traditional houses. A niche illuminated by natural light that contains works of art or other objects of great aesthetic value. 'Free makes me think of all this'.