On the occasion of Paris Déco Home, Bisazza presented in Paris, in the Flagship Store at 26 Rue Madame, the Studio KO collection, a line of marble decorations signed by Studio KO, founded by Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty

The collection is the result of the first collaboration between Studio KO and Bisazza. Taking inspiration from the classical tradition of the Belpaese (from Pompeii to the floors of the Basilica of San Marco to the architecture of Gio Ponti and Piero Portaluppi), the duo of French architects interprets the natural elegance of marble in a contemporary version.

"Marble is a material of choice for us, present in almost all of our projects. Due to its millennial tradition and its contemporary nobility, it remains an infinite source of creativity and innovation ”, explain Fournier and Marty. "When we decided to create a collection dedicated to marble with Bisazza, we were deeply inspired by Italy which, in each of its regions, expresses an incredible variety of marbles, colors and different styles. For us architects who love sobriety, the homage to this mineral treasure passes through a domestic and modernist elaboration, which reinterprets its codes, uses and often functions. "

From an unprecedented juxtaposition of geometric figures and contrasts of light and shadow, Modulo 1, Modulo 2 and Modulo 3 are born, three decorations with a modernist aesthetic, each proposed in three color variants: Chiaroscuro, Monocromo and Polycromo. Strong is the reference to the algorithm in Module 1, which takes shape from a sequential repetition of three rectangles. In Module 2, the protagonists are instead the triangles which, arranged in this way, give rise to a design similar to the weft of a fabric. Module 3 is characterized by the shape of the circle which, with its enveloping shape, dialogues with the veins of the marble.

In the Chiaroscuro color variant, the Nero Marquinia, Bardiglio Nuvolato and Arabescato Bianco marbles create effects of light and shadow. In the Monocromo version, a subtle play of white ménage à trois generates a sort of false solid color, where Arabescato Bianco and Calacatta Oro marbles flirt with the white of Thassos. In the Policromo proposal, the ocher color of the Giallo Verona marble bursts and illuminates the Nero Marquinia and the Bardiglio Nuvolato gray.

The matt finish, a recurring expression in Studio KO's architecture, is a feature common to all nine decors.