Stay tuned: the bathroom becomes social and tells about its revolution

Gruppo Geberit confirms also for 2022 the collaboration with Orsola Branzi, aka La Pina, enriched by new multimedia contents. Among the most loved and recognizable voices of the radio, writer and traveler, attentive to news and technologies, for the second consecutive year she will be the spokesperson for the distinctive characteristics of Geberit AquaClean, a range that combines the functionality of a normal toilet with those of the bidet, responding to new requirements and offering high standards of comfort and hygiene.

The common vision of well-being in the home environment and the attention to innovation have pushed Geberit to continue the institutional campaign with the claim E’ tutta un’altra musica on all channels, where the deejay sits on the drawn profile of a vase AquaClean bidet that turns into an object of style.

The Group involves La Pina for the new project to supplement the campaign designed exclusively for social media and the web: flanked by Diego Passoni, she will be asked to tell with her direct and ironic tone of voice the revolution for the daily routine inherent in the concept of this product .

La Pina and Diego will experience scenes of intimate and daily life, telling the main features of AquaClean: from the extraction of bad smells to the heating of the seat, to personalized programming through the App, to saving time and hygiene, up to space optimization. , without neglecting the mix of functional design and technology that characterizes the Group's products.

The first teaser, on-air from the end of March, will be followed by six episodes, accompanied by backstage photos, sketches and mini-pills, periodically broadcast on the official channels of Geberit, La Pina and Diego, collected on the landing page of the dedicated AquaClean site to the countryside, so as not to miss a single episode.