The perforated texture of the latest addition to Tondina family, designed by Favaretto & Partners. Told in a catalog set on a magical journey through the Italian regions

Tradition and innovation characterize the style of Tondina Slim, seat with or without armrests designed by Favaretto & Partners for infiniti. The latest addition to the Tondina family is characterized by an unmistakable perforated texture, both on the seat and on the back, which refers to the traditional texture of the 1950s reinterpreted in a more contemporary version.

Furnish the outdoors

Thanks to a painted rod frame and a wide color palette of the micro-perforated seat and backrest in post-industrial consumer polypropylene, Tondina Slim harmoniously furnishes outdoor spaces.

Each project is a journey, each journey is a project

The seat is part of the infiniti Outdoor Collections 2022 presented in the new catalog set between the Italian regions. Through the catalog, infiniti wants to enhance the ability to create a unique environment with style and personality, with a personalized atmosphere and ideal for decorating outdoor spaces, both in a private setting and within hospitality structures.

Shapes and materials

Shapes and materials reflect the Italian soul of the brand upon reaching their final destination: chairs and tables enrich houses, gardens, balconies and terraces with joy and delicacy, respecting the needs of the "open air" with the typical elegance and quality of the Bel Paese. A journey into the typical Italian architectural and landscape features, a call of the open air that is felt in the warm sunsets over the sea and in the summer breeze of the mountains.