Moooi oversees the creation of Hortensia Armchair designed by Andrés Reisinger & Júlia Esqué

Hortensia Armchair by Andrés Reisinger and Júlia Esqué for Moooi arrives at the next stage of its journey and is now available worldwide. From the original digital project to the actual realization, the conception and evolution of the seat is based on a dream. A dream capable of reaching every home: the dream of being laid down on a soft blooming flower.

Born as a 3D rendering, initially Hortensia Armchair was produced in a limited edition. Considering the more than 30 thousand petals that compose it, making it on a large scale had seemed impossible. “I have been working in the digital world for over 10 years, for me it is logical to work by making sketches and creations conceived only in digital. For some reason I've always seen the physical world as a place of many limitations, ”says Reisinger. However, working together, Moooi, Júlia Esqué and Andrés Reisinger have created the unachievable. “I was very keen that it was Moooi who gave shape to this project. Given the mix of art and design typical of their collection, I knew that Hortensia Armchair could not have found a better home ”, explains Andrés Reisinger.

Hortensia Armchair reproduces the beauty of nature in a revolutionary way. The armchair was inspired by the need to recreate a feeling of softness. The same feeling you get when you receive a hug: feeling reassured, reassured, enveloped. The two designers give substance to what it feels like to abandon oneself inside a flower, enveloped and pampered by soft velvety petals. Reisinger asked Júlia Esqué for collaboration to perfect the sensation of sitting on a blooming flower.

Distinctive trademark of the armchair, the cover is made up of over 30 thousand laser-shaped petals and is available in two colors: Petal Pink and Petal Gray. The Petal fabric is the Hortensia Armchair's trademark, although the seat can be declined according to the extensive Moooi fabric collection. On the website, Moooi offers a digital simulator that allows you to view Hortensia Armchair in a wide range of fabrics, including the Extinct Animal Fabric collection.

Together with Hortensia Armchair, the Ripples carpet collection debuts, also by Andrés Reisinger on behalf of Moooi Carpets. Two rugs, Ripples in Pink and Ripples in Silver, characterized by the designer's characteristic sign: the colors and shades of the human body combined with digital spherical sculptures. Reisinger translates the tenuous immediacy of a drop that breaks in the water into the language of design that is its own.