The Laguna collection designed by Thun and Rodriguez for the brand with sixty years of history: affordable, sustainable and designer

That of Jaquar Group is a singular story. Founded in New Delhi in 1960, the brand is active in the international market with the Jaquar and Artize brands and is a story made up of solutions researched with dedication and care, for all market segments and able to cover the needs of comfort, aesthetics and well-being of a wide spectrum of people.

A continuous effort that has found a special synthesis in a collection designed precisely to bring together those characteristics of the brand that allow it to successfully address the Western market by enhancing its path. We are talking about Laguna, the complete range for the bathroom that includes taps in various finishes, frameless shower enclosures, bathtubs, bathroom fixtures and accessories with light lines for which the company has called Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez to interpret their know-how.

Laguna, the two designers explain, had to be from the beginning a timeless collection, designed for a life cycle of at least twenty years. After all, go green is the philosophy adopted by the brand to minimize waste. An approach that becomes substance here thanks to lines that eliminate the superfluous, based on modularity and lightness, enhancing the essential. A modular system that allows a mix of combinations and finishes for private spaces and for the contract world that has earned the German Design Award 2021; and which boasts a very wide color palette, from shiny pink gold to smoky chrome, bronze, white and black, which adds a touch of refinement.

“Our studio”, adds Matteo Thun, “shares the same approach with Jaquar in terms of aesthetic, economic and technological sustainability. Laguna, characterized by simple shapes, warm colors and exceptional finishes, offers a wide range of combinations and is the result of an intense dialogue between design and functionality. We wanted to create timeless beauty: neutral and reduced forms that give life to a classic, timeless product ". Rodriguez adds: "To do this, it is necessary to 'reduce', choose the best materials and exploit all the potential of technology. Rather than following trends, we aim for lightness and the modern classic: sophisticated reduction of shapes and finishes combined with the best materials. We always seek the iconic form and create products that can be intuitively understood. Indeed we believe that sustainability and aesthetic longevity are among the most important characteristics. It was fascinating for us to work with Jaquar's technical staff: every detail of the design was translated and implemented with excellent quality ”.

Severino Ricci, business manager of Jaquar Group for Italy states: "Laguna was created to respond to new needs and objectives of the company which also in Europe aims to provide complete solutions for the bathroom. The real added value immediately perceived in a favorable way by the market, is the accessibility, in addition to completeness, aesthetics and functionality, which allow us to reach a much wider user base from contract to private of any category of age. We are very confident in the results thanks to the positioning and characteristics of Laguna ”.