Air Hub, two products in one: a sanitation module and a T-shape hood for total well-being. The new product concept allows the brand to win the SMAU 2021 Innovation Award

Air Hub is an innovative product concept that combines two appliances in one and with which Faber reaffirms its commitment to indoor air treatment. Thanks to this product, the company enters the sanitation segment, towards which Italians are showing increasing attention. The solution integrates a sanitation module and a T-shape hood in a single appliance: a product with dual functionality, essential in its linear design and compact in size.

Therefore, cleaner, healthier and safer air in the kitchen and living room, thanks to the removal of fumes and odors and the elimination of up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria through a non-polluting process that does not require the use of substances chemical. The air is conveyed at low speed by a small centrifugal fan towards a UV-C light produced by two lamps: the prolonged contact of the air with the light source allows the neutralization of germs and microbes.

Tested in the laboratories of the University of Siena, Air Hub is an effective and ecological solution for improving the well-being of one of the most frequented domestic spaces in the house, with the plus of extreme ease of use. In fact, to activate the sanitation module just press a button, while two other commands allow you to select additional functions (intensive and night program) to increase the suction intensity and obtain faster performance or to activate the device in silent mode. designed for the evening hours.

It is available in two models and two sizes of 60 and 90 cm: Air Hub XV with glass touch control dashboard and A + energy label and Air Hub X with stainless steel panel. Both equipped with Intensive Speed ​​and Delay 30 functions for high suction performance even in intensive or particular conditions. Faber's Air Hub won the SMAU 2021 Innovation Award: the important recognition was assigned to the new product concept which confirms the brand's mission to establish itself as a reference reality in the treatment of home air and domestic well-being.