Shaping furniture and environments, transforming them into unique pieces and places that reflect the style and needs of those who live in them

Renewing and expanding a collection is a complex and articulated process. It means experimenting with new points of view and fresh perspectives on design, using new materials and colours, coming to terms with increasingly innovative and high-performance technologies, considering the environmental impact of the production cycle in terms of sustainability. A series of stages that Maxalto put on the agenda when it decided to design, produce and present new chapters in the story begun by Antonio Citterio in 1995, expanding the range of upholstered furniture.

Essential design

Conceived by Maxalto to revive the tradition of pieces designed by the great upholsterers, Florius is characterised by a structure with an essential design and a large number of cushions: each seat corresponds to a seat cushion (with the exception of the linear version), then there are those that act as a backrest and armrest and, again, the 'flying' ones, usually one for each seat, which can be increased at the customer's discretion.

A classic in two versions

Florius is available in two versions: one with a frame and cushions upholstered in fabric or leather, the other with a wooden frame with a shellac finish, a Maxalto classic, in black, red or soy, to be combined with fabric or leather upholstery for the cushions. Florius is available in numerous dimensional variants thanks to the Atelier service that allows for ad hoc dimensions in width and depth. The various elements that make up the system give rise to the most diverse configurations: linear, corner, with one or two armrests, with pouf, with chaise loungue.

Two swivel seats

Another important novelty is the launch of two pieces in the Caratos upholstered seating line, declined in various versions, characterised by a die-cast aluminium base available in amber, graphite and bronzed nickel finishes. The new additions are two swivel chairs. One, a lounge chair with a high back and headrest designed to be able to converse comfortably with several people sitting, for example, on a large sofa. The other, a chair with armrests to be placed next to dining tables, designed to stand up and sit down easily without having to move the base.

The Atelier formula is renewed

In addition to the pieces designed by Antonio Citterio to enrich the collection, the curtain has also been raised on the renewed Atelier formula, the sur mesure service designed to offer further possibilities for customisation. An ambitious step that aims to move Maxalto from the field of high-end furniture to that of the art of the unique, in which each piece not only responds to the needs of the environment for which it is intended, but reflects the style of the person who lives in it.