Beds, furniture and accessories designed and manufactured to be recognisable and long-lasting

For over 30 years, Conte has been synonymous with the art of rest. A leader in the production of high quality mattresses and beds, it works to offer maximum comfort to all its customers. Today the group, led by Ferdinando Conte (Ceo and art director) who mixes Italian know-how, technical knowledge and entrepreneurial vision in tune with the demands of national and international markets, operates in 45 countries with over 70 employees and two showrooms of over a thousand square metres.

Between craft and industry

The headquarter is located in Altamura in Apulia and houses the entire production process: research, development, packaging. 100% made in Italy, the brand supports local craftsmanship, recognised worldwide for excellence and quality.

Creativity and innovation

The new home collections by Conte represent the starting point of every journey and place (physical and spiritual) - to which it is good to return. Thus, aesthetics meets emotion and the furniture is born from the desire to bring the art of living and the brand's spirit of authenticity, creativity and innovation everywhere, near and far.

Made in Puglia

Signing the collections, where you can find echoes of a history made in Puglia that has always fused architecture, craftsmanship and design, are: Setsu & Shinobu Ito with Leonardo Mercurio, Antonio Lanzillo (winner of the Compasso d'Oro 2020), Joe Garzone and the creatives of Dainelli Studio.

Maximum customisation

High-quality materials, attention to detail and the ability to meet any requirement: all beds and furnishing accessories can be customised with over five hundred types of fabrics and leathers, and with different finishes of wood and marble, which can be combined in an infinite variety of combinations. Each piece in the 2023 collection is designed and manufactured to be recognisable and long-lasting.